Monday, October 15, 2007

My Janome 6600 Table Came!!!

This is what I was using for a table and this is what I have now!

Here's a closer shot of my table

For those that are debating on having this table, here's my review.

This table is a great price at around 250 dollars. I bought mine online from Ken's Sewing Center off of Ebay. Ken does have a website at He has it priced at 249. If you go to his site, do a search for Janome and go to page 3. I've never seen this table anywhere else online. Even my Janome dealer had no clue what I was talking about when I asked about this table. You'd think they'd really be pushing this table as the Janome 6600 is so popular. I paid 235 with 35 dollars shipping. I don't know if he would have given me a better deal if I'd talked to the store on the phone.

This table is STURDY. I wasn't sure from the pictures and I'm the skeptical sort. It's not cheaply made at all. It has all metal legs. The top is very nice and smooth and my Janome 6600 fits PERFECTLY. I haven't sewn on it so I don't know how much vibration the machine will have while sewing. This table won't fall apart or come loose.

It also has some nice features. There are 4 feet underneath that allow you to adjust the table so it's level with the floor. It's nice and open underneath for plenty of leg room. I'm nearly 6 feet tall so that is great for us tall people. There is a door on the surface for those of you who want to put a side loading machine on it. It's big enough to get your hand in to get the bobbin out. There are perfectly placed holes for your knee lift and for the slide to lower your feed dogs. It also has a VERY small drawer on the left end. It won't hold much, but it's nice to have. Underneath the drawer I found enough space to put my 4-drawer plastic organizer. Nice.

I was surprised at how small it is. See the picture. It's only about 18 inches across the table and almost 4 feet long. It's perfect for those of us with small spaces. I'm not sure how a queen size quilt will work but I'll let you know. The only thing I'm not sure about is that the table doesn't fit up against the wall. I worry about a quilt sliding down the back which is one of my pet peeves. You can get an idea of how small the table is next to my sewing/dining room table combo.

It's VERY easy to set up. It took me about 20 minutes to put together. The table isn't heavy, but it's awkward. However; it's easy enough that you can do it by yourself. The directions are on the back of the box so don't panic if you don't find paper instructions. Just follow the pictures. Hex screw driver is included. You can see my plastic set of drawers underneath the table.

I'm so excited to have this table and as soon as I get the mess off my "dining room table" I'll start sewing on it.