Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tim Holtz "Lost and Found" Mini Book

I did this album from Kathy Orta's tutorial on YouTube.  It was working great until I went to bind the book.  She had put holes in her covers and bound the book with chain.  I don't have a fancy thingy that does holes so I figured I'd do it the old fashioned way.  Well, her way of putting the bags together wasn't meant for it and I messed up.  Of course I've used Scor-Tape and there's no fixing it now.

It's not a huge thing, but the last page doesn't attach to the book very well, and it's off center.  Just like in quilting, make it a happy mistake right?

Speaking of quilting, I asked Graphic 45 if they would do a paper line with quilting themes.  I got a response back and she had said the idea was great and had forwarded it on to the design department.  Fingers crossed they do it.

Here's the cover:

One of the pages:

Flip wallet that still needs finishing:

I still need to finish up all the extras as she had more stuff to put in but it looks great!  While in JoAnns my youngest went nuts over Tim Holtz's stuff.  She was pulling out everything to match with these papers.  I'm still not sure I'm into the grunge stuff and my only complaint is all his papers look alike.  As a quilter, color is everything and having a mixture of darks and lights sets off a quilt and the paper.  If you were to take a grayscale picture of his paper, it would all look the same.

Now to put covers on my other books and hope they work out.  It's like binding a quilt and I suck at binding..LOL.

Only thing I really need are magnets and those are hard to find.  I need the 1/4 inch really thin ones and Amazon and a lot of stores are out.  They need to hold down paper so Wally World and the craft world ones don't work.  Great for refrigerators, not for paper.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Graphic 45 "French Country"..LOVE IT

My Graphic 45 "French Country" paper came yesterday!  What gorgeous paper and I'd love to see this in fabric.  I've got two projects I want to make with the paper and hoping I can do both with the 12x12, 8x8 and the 6x6.

Will put some pictures up soon!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Graphic 45 "Place in Time" Mini Album

I thought I'd ordered "Ladies Diary" from but "Place in Time" came in the box.  This is my first Graphic 45 paper pad and my first thought was, "Ewwww, what ugly paper" and then to my horror realized that there was only one page of each design instead of two.  How in the world do you do a mini album with this?  In fact, I emailed Graphic 45 and expressed my displeasure in this paper and that I probably wouldn't purchase anything from like this again.

I received a very sweet response a few minutes later explaining how the "Place in Time" paper worked and that there is no way they could have done 2 sheets of each paper without making it very expensive.  and that hopefully I would find another paper pad that I'd like at some point in time.

Hubby said to keep the paper instead of sending it back to saying that I'd find something to do with it.

I did a search of "Place in Time" via YouTube and found a couple of ladies that had a challenge to only use the 8x8 pad of this paper and watched them.  This album is based off of those ladies with some of my own ideas.  While it's not my favorite pad, the album is turning out far more fabulous than I could ever dream of.  In fact I have "French Country" paper coming on Tuesday and can't wait to get it.  The paper is high quality, cuts beautifully and the tags make any project so much more interesting.

I've used really heavy paper (110?) as the base pages.  Right now everything is just taped and not glued in place so I can change my mind.  I've used most of the cut outs.  Each page has a calendar accordion/fold out that has been tied with a bow, a magnetic page with the month and tag (upper right corner), two tags that fit in the pocket along the band and a postcard that sits under the month tag.  The post cards and the calendar fold out keeps sliding out and I'm not sure how to fix it.  The belly band in the center isn't enough and creating a stopper isn't working either.  It's still a work in progress and I have no clue how to bind it because it's so thick and worry that paper binding won't hold up.


February and March:

April and May:

June and July

August and September

October and November


Tag between the pages for more photos:

"Black Currant" DCWV Paper Mini Album

I've also been working on this album.  It's from a tutorial from Annes Paper Creations and done off of her Graphic 45 "Olde Curiosity Shoppe" book.  She's amazing at creating details, fussy cutting and creating little surprise openings.  I've had to do some serious creativity to make mine as dynamic.  It's not even close, but I'm learning.

These are the front pages.  Each page opens up to create more pages.  I'd almost have to do a YouTube video to show it all.  First page at the top left has a magnetic opening.

This is the open page with a booklet, a photo mat and a photo booklet w/magnet closure.
This is the back of page 1.  You can pull the flower tab at the top of the frame and get another frame underneath.

Then the side flips out like this:

Another page with a booklet and a photo mat

Another page where the frame's flowers pull out for journaling

Another booklet that comes out of another page.

I didn't get pictures of everything and still am working on it.  I've cut the flowers, tags and the frame out with my Cameo.  The hardest part is getting the black paper to cut.  Some brands are "softer" than others and rip apart when the blade cuts.  

Large Gatefold "Mini" Album with Bella Bohemia Paper

After finding out that a lady in town sells Stampin' Up products, I asked if I could see what papers they had.  I've been searching for weeks for paper to make the long tags on the sides and nothing matches.  I was so excited when she had paper that matched perfectly.  I have no clue how to bind and do the chipboard though.  I don't have a fancy tool to create holes for the front and since the album is 12x12, I'm not even sure how to cover it.

This is the first page.  You can see the yellow tags that match so well and the inside red tags.

Another page is like this:  The top squares flip up.

Another page:

Another page:

I have one 12x12 piece of chipboard for the back and two 6x12 pieces for the front.  The pages are done with 6x12 pieces.  I just don't know how to do it and make it look nice.  LOVE this paper though.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Butterfly Get Well Card

I made my first card..wait it was my second because I made on for hubby on Valentine's Day and it came out stunning.  I used an idea from and used my Cameo and digital paper to make it.  She used glitter for the butterflies, but given that inkjet printer isn't water proof, I think I would have ended up with a mess.  I'd have to use glitter paper and I don't have any.

I haven't ridden a bike in a week or so.  I hurt my back doing dishes and have been out of commission since then.