Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Paper Shredder

Does anyone else's cat eat important pieces of paper?  Like homework and your Hardanger pattern?  If you ever need your papers shredded for security reasons, let me know.

Check this out:

I've had to ban him from the bedroom while doing the handwork.  He'll rummage in the bag, try to eat the yarn, knock the thread off the bed to chase it, and try to sit in your lap.

If you dump him out of the room and shut the door, he'll sit outside the door yowling his head off.  I ignore him the best I can.

Here's my progress despite "help"and the loud meowing outside the door:

It's slow work as white on white is difficult to see.  I figured I'd do both sides instead of going down one side and up the other for boredom/frustration purposes.  The pattern calls for 12 designs on each side.  I don't know if I'm up to that.  This gives me an option out for a faster finish.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dealing With A Loss

I have sad news.  Magnum died a couple of days ago.  He accidentally got out at night and with him being black, we couldn't find him.  Then my kids found him laying on the driveway dead the other day.

I think Cagney has just realized her friend is gone.  She's not bouncy and hides.  A few days earlier before he got out, they got into a fight and Magnum ripped out a lot of fur.  It was all over the cage and on the floor and she has some bald spots.  I separated them so she would be safe.

I don't know how bonded bunnies deal with loss.  Do they go through a mourning phase?  Hit depression?

It's been hard on everyone.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

As The Password Turns

Just need to have an "ARGGHHH!" moment.  Keep reading if you don't mind a simple rant.  This is one huge soap opera.

I can't get into my Verizon account!  I need some kind of password that I don't have because it's not registered.  I can't register because I don't have the password that was set on my phone.  My phone number and account number don't exist online because of it.

At least the online chat lady, Kendra, was AMAZING and figured this all out for me.  Too bad the customer service number is useless as it wants the PASSWORD.

My phone contract expires on the 23 and was hoping to find information on keeping my phone and this account or setting up a totally new contract.  I really wanted to do this online so I don't have to deal with shark frenzy at the Verizon store on Saturday.

Here's what I wanted to know:

1.  If I keep my phone how do I redo the contract?

2.  Do I need to set up the old/new account on Saturday and if I don't, do I lose phone service and or have to start all over again?

3.  Should I wait until Thursday morning (29th) when I get into Ohio and have my cell phone expert brothers could help me pick out a new phone that doesn't need a data plan?

The crazy part?  Wally World had Verizon phones way cheaper than the Verizon store and online site.  However; I'm not sure that's a good idea.  After all, it's Wally World.

ARGHHH..the stupid store number is automated!  What happened to REAL people?  Oh yeah..that's 1-800-CALL-INDIA


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bag Thief

There is a reason why DH called the cat Bandit.  He gets into everything and wanders off with it.  His favorite is to get into plastic bags and take off with something he likes.  I forgot how much he loves them until I came upstairs and discovered this mess:

These two pictures don't do it justifcation to see the mess he made.  He went around two chairs, my office chair, and all over the kitchen.

The office chair was the worst as somehow he'd gotten it all wound up in the roller wheels.

This ball of yarn is for my Hardanger project.  He'd snuck inside the bag to get it while I was downstairs taking care of rabbits.  He'd discovered the balls yesterday while checking out the bag the kit and figured he'd wait until I wasn't looking to grab one.

This project will go into a safe place and will be Bandit proof.  Maybe.

"Quilt Poetry" Pattern And Hardanger Runner

I have been drooling over this pattern for almost a year and finally bought it today.  I have her other pattern almost done.  It's in the UFO pile because I'm stuck on how to quilt the little circles without mashing them.  I should have waited to outline the edges for quilting instead of doing it before.

She always does wilder fabrics than I would choose and I wanted a softer look.  It may need more contrast, but I'll work with it as I go.  You can never have enough fabric.  I still need to pick out some green but will find that from my stash.

I'm just not sure I can trace and fuse pieces right now with my back still sore.  Despite how difficult the pattern looks, it's SO simple to make as she makes everything in layers that sit on top of each other.

I got my Hardanger runner yesterday in the mail and started working on it:

It's kind of hard to see the stitches of the design but it's coming along beautifully. The darker thread is for marking purposes so you don't lose you place.  I can't count to save my life so having this marked out really helps.

I still have this one to finish.  I got lost on the flower embroidery and gave up.
 This was my second Hardanger project and I think I over estimated my ability to to it.  I will get the design done someday when I feel more confident.  The cutting for later is easy, those stupid flowers are not.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcano Solution??

Umm..why can't we send out cruise, Carnival over to Europe and fix some of the huge travel issues?  Give people a huge discount and send them home.  I'm sure the cruise ship industry would appreciate the business.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Babbling

My back has been doing tons better..but not enough to really quilt.   Still doing PT and seeing a chiro.  Both have helped immensely.  I was even able to walk around the mall today.

As far as the cell phone goes, I think I'll keep mine and work with the contract.  I told DH if they want me to have a data plan for any phone, I'll buy the TOL one. I still get my 400 minutes for 40 bucks regardless of any phone I set up a contract with.  He just rolled his eyes.

As far as the mall goes, I am sick of stores dressing up "tweens"or even 13-year olds with clothing that looks like a) hookers or b) like they are 25.  Even Wally World's Miley Cyrus line can't even be worn at school.

I also shouldn't have to buy 3 tops just to go under one shirt for modesty purposes.  Boys are much easier.  Same shirt/pants, different day.  Works for him.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cell Phone Shark Frenzy

My cell phone contract is up in a couple of weeks so I've started looking at new phones.  Umm..why do 99% of these phones require an 30 dollar data plan on top of the regular plan??  Verizon is the only company that works where I live so I'm limited to phones they use.

I don't have a life.  I don't see any reason to surf the web or check my email via my phone.  That's what a computer is for..or my iPad.  I don't even text.  My current plan is 40 bucks with a basic Nokia phone.  I get 400 minutes; most of which I don't use.  When I checked out similar phones to mine, they are cheaply made and not worth it..even if it is free.  The thought of spending 70 bucks a month ( regular plan + data plan) just for one phone makes me want to puke.  For less than that I get DSL internet and unlimited long distance on my land line.

The Trac phones do not work in my area as I tried that once.

So ladies..what do you suggest?  What BS should I ignore when dealing with the store?  The one time I went in it was like a shark frenzy with sales people.  I got my charger, paid and tried to slip out before I got jumped the last time I went in.        

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Griping, Hankies, a Hardanger Project, And A Possible "Charlie"

I just have to really gripe and then I'll move onto a quilting post.

Does anyone else hate that Farmville is charging for all the good animals/items at premium prices?  65 FC for a puppy??  300,000 coins for a mutt and if you don't feed it every day it goes to the pound.  I went to Lincoln yesterday and would have lost a puppy if I had purchased one.  It cost actual money to get it back.  You can keep your stupid dog then.

I have 3,000,000 coins and can't spend it on anything as I own everything else.  And don't tell me not to play if you don't like it, as for some odd reason, I enjoy playing it.  All I'd like is some of those new animals/items to purchase with your coins.  I get paying FC for items as it's a way of making money for the game.  However; I'd rather purchase something REAL with my money, like the Hardanger kit I bought yesterday or the expensive linen I was looking at.

Venting over.

I got my mom's hankies done last night.  I shouldn't have used water soluble stabilizer as it made a huge mess and took forever to disolve.  I did the last three without it and they came out just fine.  While the picture isn't the greatest, they turned out beautifully.  I sent them to my mom this morning.

I can't wait for my Hardanger kit to get here.  It's a table runner that is simply exquisite.  I wish I could afford the really nice linen and other fine fabric, but they want 60-85 dollars a yard for it.  I don't know if that's a good price or not.  That I'd pay for, not FC.

 Charlotte might be a Charlie.  LOL.  My friends checked their rabbits and realized the one they purchased was a female instead of a male.  I checked mine again as I thought I had two females.  Cinnamon Bun is a female (slit) but Charlotte was questionable as she was really wiggly.  They are both kind of young to tell but when I checked online they can sexually mature fairly early.  No signs of "humping" though.  I REALLY don't want baby bunnies as I feel it's wrong to have bunnies if you can't take care of them.  There is no way I could do that.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Do You Love Cheerios?

I have a Cheerios addict.  I tried to get a picture but she wouldn't hold still.  I even caught her dumping over the box and crawling in to help herself.  If you guessed a bunny, you are correct.  I finally called "no name" Cinnamon Bun and she adores Cheerios.

It's been a lousy weekend.  I fell on Saturday and hurt my back.  While doing the dreaded "superman" I mst have done it wrong and I felt more pain.

I called up and got a physical therapy appt today.  He added some new things which just made it worse.  Can I crawl into a hole and never come out?  I can't do anything that requires lifting or pulling  That means laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning rabbit cages, and other various chores.  DH has been amazing, but he's not available at night and my kids just can't keep up.

I was hoping to finish up the hankies I promised my mom.  I pressed them and rested.  Then I drew the alignments and rested.  I finally crawled into bed next to DH and slept for an hour.  I need to hand baste them for hooping.  Maybe I should just do a couple before crawling into bed and embroider them out tomorrow.  I only have 5-6 left.

Crawling back onto the couch.  And I thought epilepsy sucked.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Machine Embroidery

After arguring with my 4D Extra software for a day and a half, I finally got the designs I wanted done and loaded onto a USB stick.  Pffaf and Viking didn't make this program even remotely user friendly.  I would have used Embird, but the font I needed was on 4D Extra.

I measured the corner for the design, basted it and here's the final project:

It's hard to see the name, but the design stitched out nicely.  I used water soluble stabilizer so the stitches didn't get lost into the fabric which is why it's still wet.

My mom asked if I would do hankies for each of the girls she teaches.  I chose the flower and put each girl's name in the rose motif.  My mom is planning to crochet around the fabric to make it even more delicate.

Machine embroidery isn't hard on my back which is why I can do it.  It's not hard, just time consuming.

 Physical Therapy was rough today as the exercises have gotten harder.  My back is doing better but not enough to rotary cut fabric or sew it.

Apparently baby rabbits have no fear of heights as they jump off the couch if you aren't keeping track of them.  They climb up using my kids and take a running leap off.  Look Ma!  I can fly!

 The last thing I need are broken bones when they hit the floor.    

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quilting Book And Two Additions

If you need a great book for quilting this is one of them.  Since I'm not able to quilt, I've been going through my library and re-reading my books.  This is a hardback book that folds open flat (can't remember the binding name) for easy reading.

She makes things really easy and does an excellent job of explaining her techniques.  She talks about how to quilt difficult motifs and breaking them down.  She talks about navigating through rough spots and what to quilt first before doing intricate work.

I picked this one up at JoAnn Fabrics awhile back ago. has it as well for about 20 bucks.

I have two more additions to the rabbit family:

From Three Tricky Rabbits
The brown one is a Chocolate Dutch and the other is a black one.  The brown one is officially mine since I picked her out.  The black one is DS's.  He's named her Charlotte.  He originally wanted me to name them Alien and Predator.  I told him he could name his one of those names.

"No Name", the brown one, needs a name.  If you want to add a name, go for it.

I thought of a couple but not sure I like them.  Graham Cracker, Penny (cause she's brown like one), Sandy, Radar and Copper.

Monday, April 05, 2010

I've Created A Monster

Do NOT under ANY circumstances download a flight simulator onto your iPad for your DH.  You will never see him again.  The sad part is it's all my fault.

DH has always wanted a flight simulator game but our computers were never good enough for one.  While looking at iPad apps, I came across a flight simulator game called "X-Plane"and showed DH.  He had me download it and for the next two hours, he was pretending to fly all the planes available.  Too bad he can't land any of them.

I do want to thank ABC Television for making a free iPad app so I can watch their shows anytime I want.  Now to get CBS and NBC to do the same since the iPad doesn't support Flash.  Watching TV on this is amazing.  I love it!

With the Amazon Kindle app my books are now full size which is even better for reading.  DH hates having a backlight so I won't lose my iPad to his books.  He can keep his Nook.  It's nice and worth it if you buy one, but I just never cared for it.

Physical therapy went really well today.  Hopefully, I will be up and moving soon.  I miss quilting.  I have worked on some handwork, but it's mind numbing and boring.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I Got One!

You got it.  A beautiful, gorgeous shiny iPad.  I may have even made the Lincoln, NE ABC news.  I don't get channel 8, but they were there with cameras.

I figured there would be a long line but there wasn't.  They gave us a reservation paper insuring that we would get one after walking in the door.  I think a couple of people had been there since 6 am.  I walked in, went to customer service, picked up my iPad, MobileMe and went to pay for them.  After she scanned the software (not necessary) it came up as $9,999.99.  Errr..too bad the camera guy missed that.  LOL.

Forgive the fingerprints..LOL.   DH thought he'd try it out and spent an hour browsing  He thinks it's cool..but not something he likes.   He just found it frustrating as he's not used to finger scrolling and tapping.

I LOVE it.  I even downloaded "Sherlock Holmes" and watched the first 5 minutes of it.  Beautiful picture.  HD and widescreen purists are hating it, but it's just fine for my needs.

If you want the set up like in the picture, you'll have to buy the case that Apple sells.  It makes for easier holding on your lap and in your hands for reading.  Very practical.

The one thing I wouldn't do is bring it places.  It's too fragile to throw in your purse and let it bang around.  I'll save that for my Touch.

 Is it worth getting?  That depends on your wants/needs.  I don't need a laptop.  My life doesn't revolve around working full-time in a business or school setting.  It's perfect for reading in bed, surfing the net, watching movies, playing some video games and other simple needs.


Friday, April 02, 2010


Finally!  Phone DSL is up and running!  Wow..the speed is fantastic.  Too bad I'm not up and running that fast.

I was hoping to go to a rabbit show tomorrow but realized there's no way I could walk around for hours. you think I could talk DH into going to Best Buy to at least check out the iPad with the excuse of a new wireless router?  I have been drooling over that since it was first announced.  Chances are Best Buy won't have that many of them and they'll be sold out in 5 minutes.  Oh..wait.  I could use the wheelchair sympathy ploy to get me up there first.

DH said the other day we are going up Tuesday since it's new release day and to do some work on the car. Maybe they will have a demo up to check out.