Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Log Cabin Quilt Almost Done

I have been doing quilting stuff recently.  Just haven't had time to post.  Here's the log cabin quilt I almost have done.  One more blue border and it's ready to go.  I figure I'll quilt it with red/white/blue variegated thread with a meandering pattern of sorts.  It turned out better than I thought it would.

I've been introduced to GoogleSketch which is a 3-D program and is totally amazing.  Then you use another program (can't remember it) to unfold what you've made and then import it into Make the Cut software to cut it out!  No more drawing every piece in MTC!  I made the box in Sketch, opened it up in the other software, edited to make the hearts in MTC and cut it out with my Cameo.  If I had vellum or tissue paper I could put a candle in it.

I've been feeling so much better physically after being sick all winter.  I've been walking a mile every day and have started up riding my bikes.  I even GASP ran yesterday and made 4 new Strava achievements.  I put Mean Green on the trainer and did 9 miles today and Old Blue did 8 miles last week.  It's still been too cold outside to really enjoy cycling.   Yeah, I named my bikes.  

Mean Green has been in the shop hoping to get new shifters put on, but the ones I bought wouldn't work.  However; the LBS discovered that my bar end shifters were totally messed up and fixed them so the bike shifts beautifully.  Wow.  What a HUGE difference.  Indoor trainers are nice because you don't have to fiddle with anything.  Just get on and ride and don't die of boredom.  

I'm thinking I need a new saddle as I've lost enough cushioning that it hurts to ride now.  Stupid saddles cost a fortune so I don't know when I'll be able to pick up something.  Butts are pretty finicky about what saddle they like which doesn't help.

I'd like new pedals for Mean Green as well.  Really nice flat ones with grips and everything.  

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

"Build Your Best Log Cabin" ebook Review

I was asked to do a review of this ebook from "Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting".  Quilting e-books need to read more like a tradition book.  In scrolling down, it's easy to miss key points or important directions.  Or if you scroll too fast to skim through like I do, the visuals don't align right.  I don't have the graphic skills to put pictures of all the quilts on my review.  All of the patters were easy to follow and understand.  Link to the free book is here

First quilt is "Bears in Bertie's Log Cabin" by Ricky Tims as shown as the first quilt on the cover.  I've never worked with fat eights as you can't just go buy fat eights fabrics, but Ricky's quilt only requires 24 of them so your LQS may oblige.  Fat eights are 9"x20"..half a fat quarter.  Disregard the fact that the directions say to use hand dyed fabrics unless you can get it.

I like bear paw quilt blocks and they are really set off in this quilt.  Don't be intimidated that the blocks all finish at 6 inches.

Ricky's quilt is accented with bobbin work and Trapunto around the border with good directions.  I wish the border pattern had been included or a link to get it.

"Woven Log Cabin" by Shon McMain  reminds me of the Amish style quilts with the darker colors and simplistic look.  This was one of my favorites as the blocks are solid colors "woven" in a basket-like fashion on the diagonal.  You have to layout each block with corresponding colors to create the effect and the layout for the quilt is easy to understand so you don't get lost.

"On The Dark Side" by Lori Chistianson is the middle quilt on the cover done with a variation of the traditional courthouse steps quilts made to look like squares.

"Linked Chevrons" is a miniature quilt by Marti Michell that is shown in the last photo.  I really like this for it's simplicity and the idea of having 2 inch finished blocks.  Wow.  Another project I'll put in my "to do" list.

The last part of the book talks about using piping as binding and how to make regular binding.


Monday, March 04, 2013

LQS Had My Fabric!!!

Woot!  Doc cleared me today as being healthy.  I'm still pretty tired so I'll give myself time to heal.  What a difference modern medication makes to our health.

In honor of feeling better I went over to my LQS and poked around.  They had some gorgeous fabric and had the perfect project in mind, but couldn't afford it all.  Out of curiosity and hope I wandered over to the red fabric section and to my shock they had a bolt of the Turkey Red fabric back in stock!!!

I purchased 4 yards, wrote down the company and the SKU numbers.  If she runs out again, I'll know where to get it.  I've been sick over this quilt with both love/hate but I figure I'll just finish it and not worry about points.  Now to find Kona White fabric as she didn't have it.  Hopefully the other store in town has white.  She usually carries Kona Snow instead of the white.  Fingers crossed.