Sunday, April 20, 2008

DVD Steelbook Quilts

Hubby was so excited. He got more steelbook DVDs in the mail and laid them out to admire them. LOL. He said "See, I can make a quilt too!" *rolls eyes* Then he says excitedly, "3 more and I have a whole quilt!" ROTFLOL

I had no idea he had this many. Most come from Futureshop, a store in Canada from someone on Ebay.

I made his day when I did a search for "steelbook" in the Ebay search. I found him the "Indiana Jones" trilogy steelbook for pre-order. He was dancing around so excited.

"I never thought of looking that way for them. I just put in titles to see if they had one", he said.

*sigh* This is the man who can find DVDs for ridiculously low prices yet can't search for them in Ebay??

He's now looking for the last X-men movie steelbook because, "It has claw marks from Wolverine etched into the box!!!" It's only found in the Futureshop stores who can't or won't send items out of Canada. (Idiots) The last copy he found went for almost 300 dollars on Ebay the other day. All this for a metal box with claw marks on it.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finished Cathedral Windows Top

It's done!! I still have some blanket stitching around the edges but the top is done!! This was more work than I thought it would be but it turned out FABULOUS! Thank you so much to those who sent blue fabric.

It's hard to believe this started out as circles:

To a few squares:

And to a partially finished quilt:

I still need to quilt it. I'd like to tie it with baby blue yarn so my daughter can help. I'm not sure how else to quilt it except for monofilament thread and going around the inside of the squares. Any ideas?