Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shredding Stars

Hubby insisted that he liked the stars better than the other block. However; after trying to do one, he may be out of luck. I've ruined 2 stars because I can't get the centers to match up. Of course, the more you play with it the more you stretch it.

I don't necessarily hate inset seams, I just hate dealing with the center of the star. There has to be way to make the points work. Paper piecing just adds more bulk. I'm wondering if maybe I put it on a light fusible stabilizer that it might work.

The other design has a zillion pieces but may just be easier to work with.

I discovered that my computer has connected to someone's wireless internet yesterday. Only thing I can think of is that one of my neighbors has wireless and my computer detected the signal. I disabled the wireless connection as I don't think the other person would appreciate me using their network. They might be freaked out wondering who's trying to connect up to theirs. LOL.

That's kind of scary thinking anyone could just connect in to your computer like that. All my computer did was say it had found a wireless connection and was using it. The XP side of my computer picks it up. If the Mac side is, it's not saying anything about it.

Oh..need a laugh? I showed my husband the cover of a new Irish quilting magazine that has a naked woman wrapped up in a quilt. His comment was along the lines of, "You buy the magazine. I get a naked chic and you get the quilt pattern."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Version Of My Blackwork Quilt

Another DUH moment. My friend Gina suggested to strip piece and cut the star sections (which I had thought of) but my EQ6 measurements would come up as 2 3/16 or some odd number. After trying several variations of blocks and going crazy of why my rotary cutting measurements kept popping up this way, I realized that I had the 1/16 inch mark checked. Sigh. It must be a default setting that I missed.

Now if I do the stars, each strip is measured at 7/8 cutting not some wacked out number to the 16th. I'm not sure I want to cut those measurements.

I may do this layout to keep me from having to deal with stars. I'll try strip piecing a star and see how it goes. I do like this one. Remember that the blackwork designs are around the blocks. I'll do some special quilting on the edges. And there may be sashing involved.

I did design the block below although I know it exists under a different name. I just needed it to be a divisible of 8 to make it easy to piece. I've had enough of odd size numbers. LOL! I do like this layout and the blues blend better and is easier on the eyes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paper Pieced Stars

Paper pieced one star:

From Blogger Pictures

Then to get an idea of what it will look like next to the embroidery designs:
From Blogger Pictures

I wish I could just strip piece the stars, but each strip is an odd size.

I also fell in love with the pattern in one of my embroidery magazines and will work on making it and embroidering it. I picked out pink and green fabric.

From Blogger Pictures

Friday, January 23, 2009

Blackwork Quilt Layouts

I played some more with the previous designs and came up with using 6 star blocks with the embroidered ones surrounding it.  I don't have the right blues to make the star work and will get some tomorrow.  I probably should just make a test block to see if the idea even works.

Here's a couple of variations on the blocks and fabric I have:

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures

The quilt just needs something to pull it all together. Those star blocks in the middle of the blocks in the first picture would probably work without overwhelming the design.

I'll keep thinking on it.  I know what I want, I just don't know how to make it do what I want.

Blackwork Quilt Designs

Been working on a new quilt. I love blue and white quilts and fell in love with a Blackwork embroidery set of designs. I stitched them out in blue and am working on a quilt for it.

Here's a block from the set of Blackwork designs. I haven't trimmed the block down to size yet.

From Quilted with Love

I played with several layouts and really like this one:
My worry is that the stars will overshadow the Blackwork blocks and they get lost. Paper piecing these blocks would take hours and I worry about losing interest in them.

The blocks are 8 inch blocks set on point. Even without the embroidered blocks, it would be a stunning quilt. I would just make the blocks a lot larger for easier piecing.

Here's another quilt that might work as well. It's much simpler but rather boring.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baltimore Album Block

From Quilted with Love

I have most of this done and ready for satin stitching. I'm still debating on how to do the center circles. I still can't believe I did this all in one day. I love QuiltUniversity classes. It almost makes me want to make a few more blocks. I just don't think I have enough fabric for it. Plus I'm not sure I like the colors, but the technique is amazing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Hooked On Feathers"

I finally got far enough on my quilting to put up some pictures of it. It's a technique where you use a single hooked feather and FMQ around the spine using it. No marking necessary. I think it's one of my favorite techniques.

From Quilted with Love

From Quilted with Love
I'm using Marathon polyester thread on the back and invisible thread on the top. I'm showing the back so the quilting is more visible. I just did the feathers around the butterflies in all directions.

I also walked 1.5 miles today and burned 240 calories. I made my January goal to walk 10 miles. I'm at 3 something within the past couple of days. I know it's not a big goal, but it's doable.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Hooked On Feathers"

I discovered games for your iPod.  I downloaded "Phase" which is a version of my favorite video game, "Guitar Hero".   You use the songs you download and play.  I'm in love.  I'm playing KISS songs and playing guitar!

I have done quilting today.  I've been working on a new technique for feather quilting called "Hooked On Feathers" by Sally Terry.  It's a fabulous way to machine quilt feathers without backtracking and it's so versatile.  I've spent several hours working on my quilt today.  I'll get some pics up soon.

The Sapphire seems to be doing well with FMQ.  I've had to adjust the tension some but it's using invisible thread beautifully.  

Oh..the other thing I discovered is that Nike has teamed up with iPod and created a running package for your ipod.  You put the transmitter in your shoe and the receiver in the ipod and it tracks your runs.  I've walked a mile every day for the past couple of days.  I set my goals low so when I go over, I feel really good about myself.  LOL.  I'm burning about 200 calories a mile. 

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Quilting With Vilene

I spent to day trying to mark a quilt.   After weeks of thinking about how to quilt it, my brain finally kicked in. 

Normally I do pretty good at this.  I have several pens and a couple of pencils.  My water soluble pen which worked last week is not working today.  None of my pencils were dark and light enough to see the motif.  I finally got one done and then...

I'm using fusible batting.  Water soluble pen if pressed with an iron doesn't come out.  Good thing I only have one motif done.  Sigh.  At least I was smart enough to remember that.   

There has to be a simple way to mark a quilt.  And then it hit me!!  Vilene water soluble stablizer!!!  When you do machine embroidery, you put a WSS on top of something like a knit so the stitching doesn't disappear into the fabric.  Then you just wash it out.  Vilene looks like a mesh type fabric.

I traced out my design onto the stabilizer using my water soluble pen that protested and pinned it to the quilt top.  Check this out!!!
From Quilted with Love

And the back:
From Quilted with Love

My Sapphire 870 has no problem using invisible thread and has perfect tension when doing FMQ.  I love the floating foot that I bought.  

I could really use another WS pen though.  This one is dying big time.