Sunday, February 28, 2010

Modest Clothing Anyone?

Does anyone know where to get girl's dresses/skirts that are modest? I can't believe out all the stores I've been too, there is nothing that works. Everything is sleeveless and too short..above the knees. Or there are no dresses/skirts in the departments...go figure.

I tried making some skirts and they came out disasterous.

Maybe I need to take a trip to Utah. They've got to have some.

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's A Zoo At My House

I really hurt my back doing those 9-patches the other day. Sigh. You'd think I'd learn. I'm off quilting duty for now.

It was so bad that when we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, I ended up having DH push me in a wheelchair. On the positive end, we have some new furniture coming next week.

DH and I went to get rabbit litter and came home with a lop eared rabbit we named Cagney:

From Quilted with Love
*Snicker* So we have a Cagney and a Lacey. Couldn't resist..LOL. She's in another cage next to Lacey so they can get to know each other. From what I've read it takes time for them to bond and I didn't realize that two females take a long time to bond.

From Quilted with Love
I couldn't resist taking this picture. He sleeps like this when he snuggles next to you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open Sesame Part 4

This is mind blowingly frustrating! LOL. I can access my accounts through my iPod Touch but I can't through my computer.

Even when I checked my "keychain" the passwords are the same but they won't work via the computer. Some of them won't even come up on the keychain function.

I guess a call to Apple needs to be made. At least they speak English.

I started working on more of my 9-patches. I cut out enough to make around 40 of them but only got 20 done tonight.

From Quilted with Love

I've been putting them in bags by tens and then by 100's. I have almost 300 made. I have 200 in one bag and I added the 10's to the other bag until they make 100:

From Quilted with Love

Oh..caught Bandit sleeping here today:

From Quilted with Love
Those zebra finches torment him day and night. They aren't scared of him and ignore his relentless visiting techniques.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open Sesame Part 3

Passwords are killing me this week... Now Mail for my mac is refusing to work. Something about expired certificates that seem to be on Mac's end, not mine. Thanks Apple for a crappy email service. That's my only complaint about my computer.

I wouldn't worry so much about it, but my YouTube account is linked to it and I can't get comments. When I attempted to put my YouTube account through my other email address it threw fits as well. I had uploaded two quilt basting tutorials last week and didn't realize that someone had made a comment about it until I checked today.

I'm not sure I'm happy with the results of my videos. I still sound like Darth Vader and my voice comes out as tinny. I'd need a much better camera to make this look good. It still takes hours to download the vidoes which is extremely frustrating.

How do you make a cat deliriously happy? Give him an emty DMC thread spool. He has chased that spool ALL over my house for the past 45 minutes.

I haven't had a chance to do any quilting. I hurt my back while making the vidoes and I finally swallowd some pride and went to the doc yesterday. He put me on a muscle relaxer but, didn't tell me it would completely knock me out. I almost don't want to to take it. I have a family that needs me awake.

DH is enjoying his Nook. I can't stand it. The touch screen is not that responsive (but I'm used to my iTouch's quick responses) and the buttons are to low for my hands to use. It drives me crazy. He doesn't have to worry about me "borrowing" it while he's sleeping/working. As long as he loves it, that's okay by me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open Sesame Part 2

I called 1-800-call-India over my Linksys router to get the password. The Nook recognizes me, but without the password it can't connect. After 15 minutes of trying to get him to understand Ali Baba will happily charge me 9.99 to "fix" the problem. All I want is my password. The last lady helped me override the computer to do this. I tell Ali Babba that I can figure this out myself and hang up.

After several Google searches I decide to reset my router and start over. The site said to "press" the reset button on the back of your router. Errr...there's no way to press it. Oh..they want me to stick something in and press the reset button until my finger gives out.

It works! I use the stupid generic router IP address and immediately log in. Now I'm lost in the security settings and where to change the password. Forget it. I keep it "open" so I can't fight my computer over passwords.

I do a search with the Nook. It hooks up right away and starts working.

My only gripes so far with the Nook is that they didn't make it very user friendly or very fast. DH and I finally figure out how to download the books in his library and he's happily reading away. He loves it. I'll keep to my Ipod for now.

*feeling very smug* So there Ali Baba and Linksys. I figured it out on my own thanks to Google. Now I can go back to quilting and work on my projects.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Open Sesame"...NOT

I hate least on Barnes & Noble's Nook.

DH bought one today and figured it would be KISS simple to hook up, register and read. At least that's the impression we got. Liars.

Step 1. Charge the Nook. Charged.
Step 2. Register you Nook through Wi-Fi.

No problem. Press on Wi-Fi hotspots and... "Cannot Connect to 1-800-India" with an error code. Call number to find out that Customer Service is "down for maintenance".

Now I have Wi-Fi through my computer. It should work. It recognizes it but it wants the password which NEVER works except on my Ipod Touch. Sigh. It keeps going from "disconnected" to the name of my wireless. No wireless icon on top.

This has gone on for over an hour going through forums and other people having the same problem. I get out my Ipod Touch to see if I can get in, go into B&N's websiteand download a sample of a book. Easy. (I told him to get an Ipod Touch..then you get a Kindle and the Nook for free)

Then a forum says you should instant 3G coverage through AT&T with the Nook. I check their site and realize my area is listed as "partner". It basically means you'll get it outside of a building. (Now my sister has an iPhone and it worked perfectly inside while she was here.)

I head outside and do a search. (If I have to do this for the Nook, this is ridiculous). It finds mine and several neighbors with open Wi-Fi and I register the dang thing through them. AT&T doesn't show up.

I go back to my computer and press the IP address for the router. Stupid thing won't accept my password (See a previous post). Even with the help the customer service gave me last week that I wrote down it won't work.

So..nothing is wrong with the Nook. It finds my Wi-Fi and needs the WEP password. It's my Wi-Fi that refuses to work because it won't accept the password. Maybe I should make it open like my neighbors. Then I won't have to argue with computer over THE PASSWORD for everything I do.

I love e-readers. I download books all the time. I love my iPod Touch for this despite the backlighting and the smaller screen. If the iPad wasn't so ridiculously priced I'd probably get one.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Rabbit Condo And A Comfy DH

I got DH's quilt done today! I love that I don't need a walking foot for my Topaz to do binding. I still need help with the miters, but I'll get there.

I just stippled the quilt and folded over the backing for binding. Flannel is a pain to work with at times with both quilting and binding.

It's been a while since I did FMQ and my backing isn't always pretty with stitches pulling around the curves. I kept adjusting the tension but it didn't work this time. I know part of it is keeping the same speed while going around curves.

As you can tell, he loves it with just backing side out..LOL!

From Quilted with Love

Here's a close up of the stippling:
From Quilted with Love
With "help" from Bandit here's what the backing looks like with it folded over:

From Quilted with Love

I have now purchased a condo. Rent free and plenty of space. Three levels and tons of fun for Lacey!

From Quilted with Love
I used the wire storage cubes to make it. Two boxes made a 3 level condo. It still needs some work for stability, easier human access and for better flooring. It is SO much better than the pet store cage she's been in.

I need to get one more package to use as gates around the TV and other areas she can't be in. AT 20 bucks a box, you can't beat the price. She has had a blast leaping around the living room and I'm feeling better knowing she's safe while doing it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Know You Are A Quilter When...

* You're broke.

* You need a bigger house.

* You bring your fabric home in a brown paper bag.

* You buy every gadget known to quilting, not because you need them but because you don't have it yet.

* You own more pairs of scissors than you could possibly count and keep padlocks on them.

* You know that jelly rolls and layer cakes are not just food items.

* You can tell who manufactured the fabric w/o looking at the top of the bolt.

* You have enough quilt kits to leave to your kids when you die for 3 generations.

* You know the weights of thread and how they unwind on the spool.

* You have more needles than your doctor's office.

* You dream in fabric and thread colors.

* You have an internal GPS for quilt store locations.

* Your kids can cook and clean for themselves.

* You have quilting applications on your Ipod.

* You have every quilting book that you can get your hands on.

* You keep your LQS from going bankrupt.


* The total cost of all your machines is more than your car.

Valentine's Day

You know you are loved when DH buys you these movies on Blu-ray for Valentine's Day:

From Quilted with Love
I haven't seen "The Time Traveler's Wife" yet so don't tell me what happens or if it's any good. It was a blind buy.

Warner Bros. FINALLY released "Gone With The Wind" by itself instead of in the collector's box set last week. Target has had it for some time but with a steep price of 40 bucks as it had 3 discs instead of one. I just wanted the movie.

Looking forward to watching both soon.


Been quilting DH's flannel quilt and hope to have it done today and bound sometime this week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quilt Basting And Seizures

There's nothing more annoying than being in a JC Penney store and having a seizure. My kids are pros at this though and took me over to DH before I totally embarrassed myself. So much for almost a year seizure free. However; when you switch out meds, I knew it was coming at some point. I had just hoped not in a public place.

Technically and legally I can't drive for another 3 mos now but it will be okay. Even though I can legally drive doesn't mean that I do it that often. My kids got a great laugh a couple of weeks ago when I went through the drive-through at Mc D's and didn't know how to order. I haven't done it in over 13 years..what did you expect?

Wow..13 years since being diagnosed this week. I'm probably due for a gran mal seizure since it's been a couple of years since the last one.

On the positive side the change in meds has helped me sleep at night! I've been going to bed at midnight instead of 2-4 am. I have more energy and I'm far more alert.

Since being more alert I got DH's quilt basted and it's ready to quilt:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bad Bag Patterns

I'm officially a druggie again. I now have a pharmacy of medications thanks to the doctor.

It turns out I have allergies..had them for a long time but never thought it was that. Did that make sense? Apparently my zebra finches, a rabbit and a cat do not help with this. Doc gave me Singulair and I'll see what happens.

Once again I'm building up a tolerance to my seizure meds and we made some changes. The next few weeks may be rough while my body adjusts to everything. Hopefully there are no seizures but I doubt that. He lowered the Lamictal, took me off the Topamax and added Depakote. Great fun.

Guess what I actually finished in one day??

You aren't seeing things. One finished bag for my daughter.


If you buy a purse kit (above) should it include the fusible fleece? Or is it assumed that like a quilt kit you have to buy the batting/backing?

It's a good thing I know what fusible fleece is and that I have some. The lady said everything was there but when I read the directions, no fusible fleece was included.

The pattern was a written disaster. It was written/designed by the store and made no sense whatsoever. I am extremely terrible at bags and I could have written better instructions. They even had them for sale. The only thing that helped was that I had seen the bag in person and knew what it looked like.

I finally tossed the pattern aside after realizing they assumed you knew how to do everything. It wasn't written for directional fabric and had to refix that problem. I just did the bag the way I thought it should have been done and for KISS purposes.

From Quilted with Love
I think it turned out beautifully. My other daughter wants one but I have no desire to deal with this store to buy another kit. At least for now.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Help Wanted

This is what happens when you have "help" from Bandit:

My "Cheezburger" language is bad..forgive me.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Dang passwords.

You know. Those made up letters/numbers that keep you from getting into your accounts but let everyone else in. Yeah..those.

No one got in so don't panic. Including me. Attempt after attempt failed. At least it wasn't one of those "After 3 tries your computer has now imploded. Please call and beg for mercy over your stupidity" messages.

All I wanted to do is to figure out why my wireless router wasn't working and needed the password to get in to check the status. The router had all the lights on but my computer and Ipod Touch couldn't find the wireless signal.

Now I know how to get in and CHANGE the password via the manufacturer's website but I couldn't because for some reason the default password "admin" wouldn't work either. I just kept getting the default "Loser. Try Again" icon.

I admit defeat and call the dreaded 1-800-Call-India number. This should be fun.

No way. This company doesn't use India..or she knew English AND what she was doing. Well, she went around the long way of doing it, but she helped me figure out what was wrong and she and I got it fixed.

I learned two things today. Apparently routers need updates and if your password doesn't work there is a way around it besides "admin" and beating it with a baseball bat.

While not a computer genius, I do know two things:

1. Keep your original box with parts/paperwork/CDs/ and your receipts

2. ALWAYS write down important information if you are on the phone or in person when asking for help. Get a box or something to put all the information for easy reference. I do write down passwords for non secure things or sites I don't use that often but are neccessary if my computer blows up.

By the way, THE password I kept putting in WAS correct so my memory is not failing. Yet.

Using Two Circular Needles

Thanks to the Yahoo! Viking Topaz group there is a site that sells templates for my machine. I'll order them in the next couple of weeks. I know I come across as grumpy over there but I do love this machine. I just get frustrated by my own limitations.

On to socks...
I pulled out my knitting needles, my book and figured I'd attempt doing socks. I wasn't worried about getting far, just about learning how to work with 2 circular needles at the same time. I just got to cast on the stitches and realized it wasn't hard. Just more concentration and I needed to really mark what I was doing. I learned a couple of things:

*Having 2 needles the same size is confusing. Need to mark one as 16 and the other as 24. Or wait and order 16 and 24 inch ones in a few weeks.

*You do need something called place markers like the book said. Probably need row markers and such. I bought a bag of circular thingys. They do make a counter thingy but I'd have to go back to Lincoln or order one. Don't know what kind/brand is better as they have several out there.

* I need to mark each sock as one and two..same with the yarn.

* Don't try this with a cat nearby.

I did cut out strips and sewed out another 10 blocks for my 9-patch quilt. 260 blocks done! 1180 to go!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"Can I Borrow Your Card?"

DH and I went to Lincoln today for Blu-rays and I wanted some circular knitting needs to attempt socks. All I wanted was size 5 in 16 and 24 inch lengths. Apparently they don't exist or are very popular. I ended up buying size 5 in 29 inches. (I forgot about the yarn store but knew she would charge around 16 dollars for each one).

While in JoAnn's DH went to the front and grabbed two fliers and was looking over them. He took one of the packages and handed me a flyer. We got in line and he told me to pay for one of them and use the 40% coupon.

You all know my DH. Get ready for it... After I pay for mine he exclaims, "Miss, would you let me borrow your card please?"

I smiled sweetly and said, "Sure!" and handed it to him.

The lady behind us and the cashier's jaws dropped as I handed him the card. He gave her the coupon and the needles and paid for them.

He puts the card back in his pocket and we walk off. The he looks at me and says, "Well, the coupon said one per customer. I figured if you buy one and I buy one we get 40% of of each of them. Never thought of reading how those coupons worked until today."

Monday, February 01, 2010

Viking Topaz Plastic Templates

Well, dangit. I'm a little upset at Viking right now.

DH recorded a quilting show for me that was actually interesting. The lady was demonstrating how to do machine embroidery applique with her Bernina 830 and had a neato trick that would work with my Topaz. 'Cept when I called my dealer to ask if my Topaz hoops had plastic templates she said they didn't. What!!?? Even my Janome 350e has templates for every hoop size!!

She said I just needed to print out paper templates from my 4D Extra software. If you've ever printed out paper templates you'll know that they are awful. Paper is NOT sturdy and it shifts. It's not see-through either.

If you are doing a VERY complicated design like the one below, it's even worse with alignment placement for your machine. I've trimmed the designs down for marking purposes, but if your print out full templates for guides it's useless.

From Embroidery Designs
The lady demonstrating the Bernina 830 just put the gridded plastic template on the fabric, aligned everything, set it on the sticky stabilizer and stuffed it on the machine for a perfect fit.

I have to go into Embird (4D Extra doesn't do this) program alignment guides for each design, stitch it out on the stablizer and align the marked lines with the stabilizer using straight pins. It takes 10 minutes or more to do this for each design. No wonder I've hated this quilt pattern!!

The finished result is gorgeous but it's so time consuming it's almost not worth the effort:

From Quilted with Love
I'd use my 350e but the designs are too large and to split them in half would just make it worse.

*edited* I emailed Viking and asked about templates. I'll see if I get a reponse. They did respond to me about the needle issue.