Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back On A Bike

Yesterday was the first time on my bike since the dog/flat tire problems.  I used my fat bike since there is fresh gravel out on the county roads.  It was a beautiful day and figured I could deal with the wind.  What I didn't know was that I was under a wind advisory with gusts of 30-40 mph.  LOL.  I really should check the weather more often.

Since the bike incidents, I started running..err..gasping…err..walking since I need to do something.  I have been doing a pathetic mile (400 meter is almost 4 minutes) for a couple of weeks now.  When I started riding yesterday, I could tell a HUGE difference in riding.  I'm much stronger and managed the 10 miles w/o dying of oxygen and didn't struggle with the wind.  Riding a fat bike with 30 mph winds made my shoulders and arms really sore though.  Riding again helped me realize how much I do enjoy it.

Not sure what to do about my fat bike.  My son leaves for the Navy in July and I don't mountain bike by myself so I really don't have a need for the bike anymore.  I still have my cross bike, but if I did want to ride a trail, I'd be out of a bike.  I should just keep the bike and quit worrying so much.

Teresa Collins "Urban Market" Folio Album

I found this simple folio tutorial from The Piece By Piece YouTube site and knew I had to use this paper line.  Teresa's line of paper is completely new to me and doesn't have all the fancy cutouts like Graphic 45 or Tim Holtz papers.  It's still a work in progress.  This folio was perfect since I only had nine 12x12 pages and a 6x6 pad.  Apparently this line has sold out so I'm glad I picked up some.  The folio was easy to put together.  I changed a couple of things by putting in more of an album on one side and added another waterfall page.

Here's the front cover:

When you open the cover:

Folio opened to the right and one of the waterfalls:

Opened up again and the second waterfall:

Here are the two extra pages: She had folded up some papers in half and made a notebook but I didn't have that much paper:

Another page set:

And the waterfall pages lifted up.  One side has blue and the other has black pages:

I'd still like to add some pockets, but maybe it just needs to be a plain album and let the papers shine through.