Saturday, October 27, 2012

"My Tweets" Layout

Still working on blocks but I found some fabric that will work for the wings.  As long as it "looks" like the fabric belongs there, it's all good.  Now to fix the center.

Here's the layout:

I have a couple of problems with the center panel.  When I got the pattern, I missed the directions to make the background fabric larger.  I then added a white border to fix that problem.  When I realized cutting down the 16 inch blocks to the size on the pattern wasn't going to work, I figured I'd just redo the center panel.  

If I redo the center panel, the proportions of the center design are off making it look too small.  Yes, I checked.  So my plan is to add some inside borders.  The same blue print goes around the center panel as the blocks with a center border. Any other thoughts?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Do You Happen To Have This Fabric?

I'm going to be sick.  I can't find some of the fabric I need for "My Tweets".  It's called "Hungarian Blue" by Clothworks and of course it no longer exists.  I've scoured the internet looking for the piece I need to no avail.

It's so frustrating when fabric companies create a fabulous line of fabric but don't keep it or make enough of it to go around.  Indigo fabric is hard enough as it is to find making it worse.  It cam out last year and was gone before you know it.

Here's the fabric I need.  It's the light blue print in the feathers.  If it's truly gone, what do you suggest I do for the five blocks I need done?  I've only used it for the feathers so it's not like I need yards of it.  A fat quarter would do it.  If you happen to have some and willing to share, I will find a way to exchange for something or pay for it.  

Only thing I can come up with is to rearrange the birds and find something similar to it to put in with the new blocks.

And of course, the red fabric I've been using for my "Red December" isn't in my LQS.  She has no idea where she got it or what brand it is.  I know it's called "Turkey Red" and the closest I can come to is Marcus Brothers Centennial Fabric line as they have fabric called turkey red.  The Fat Quarter Shop has some in stock but have to wait until next week to order it.

Again, gorgeous fabric, but without a company name I'm guessing.

Lesson learned.  Always write down the manufacturer and color/number of the bolt.  The only reason I didn't was that she had a huge bolt of it and figured it was something she'd keep in stock.

"Red December" Blocks

I'm sick of stems and pointy points.  I'm so ready to toss this quilt in the "never ever going to get done" pile.  I have two more stems to add to the final center block and I'm tired of fighting points.  Even the leaves/flowers are killing me.  I figure this ever won't get to a quilt show as I can't keep the points in when I sew around them.  The fabric is just too bulky and the points are too steep.  Any amount of trimming just makes it worse.  So much for nice, neat finished edges.  Maybe I should leave any kind of appliqué work to those who truly love to do it.  Just keep me moving along.  Some encouragement would be great.

"My Tweets" Layout

Finally got my heater up and ready for winter.

I decided on 1 inch finished strips and started out on my quilt.  It's going to look fantastic if/when I get it done.  I'm torn between green cornerstones or a light blue.  Or even yellow.  Once I get the final measurements done, I'll do the center panel.  I have the pieces cut out and need to fuse them down.

The original directions had 14 inch finished squares but when I cut down block one, I cut off part of the design.  There isn't any way these blocks will finish at 14 inches.  I cut 16 inch blocks when I started and they'll finish at 15.5 inches.  I have to redo block one and three and then do the last three blocks.  

The final border is going to kill me with all those leaves.  That's the "if/when" part of this quilt.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Inch borders or 1.5 Inch Border? Add Green Cornerstones?

I have been busy doing stuff, I just haven't had time to post.  My heater went out and it's taken 2 weeks to get the part.  Thankfully it's not cold yet and we discovered it now instead of the middle of winter.  The same sensor goes out every year so go figure.

My dryer hasn't been heating right and when the guy checked he said it was all the lint backed up in the vent.  We got all that pulled out but the dryer still wasn't drying.  Guy said it was probably plugged up at the outside.  The problem is that the vent is covered by a deck.  I had to cut out part of the board by the deck yesterday and pull out more lint.  Of course I didn't have a saw and couldn't afford one.  I ended up using my drill and the biggest drill bit I could find and drilling holes down the board.

The previous owners had put a board about 4 inches in front of the vent as well.  It was a pain trying to get into the vent and wondered if I should cut out part of the board.  The guy came today and said it was probably good.

I finished up my stitching project though.  It's simply stunning and it needs framed.  I just don't know how to do it.  Guess I need to Google it and find out.

Over the past couple of days I've been going through projects and pulled out my "My Tweets".  I got frustrated with the piecing as I'd screwed up the block sizes.  I figured I'd just put the blocks together and get the measurement for the inside panel and redo it.

I need your help.  The first picture has a 1.5 inch finished border and the second has a 1inch border.  Which works best?  I plan on putting green cornerstones in, but this might work better.  So, add in green cornerstones or not?  I'm hoping I have enough dark fabric for the top.  

I haven't given up on "Red December".  I just need a break.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

PIGs And Thorns

I was cleaning out some stuff and organizing PIGs when I realized I hadn't finished this project:

I stopped because I messed up the border and wasn't in the mood to redo it.  I stuffed it back in the bag and forgot about it.  I still have the corners and the sides to finish up.  My eyes started crossing after a while so I had to stop.  This has been a pain to stitch out, especially if you've never done this type of work.  I've ripped out so much of the yarns, cursed the counting and while it looks amazing now, I don't think I'll do another one of these.

Still working on the "Red December".  My back has been acting up and it hurts to sit at the machine for long periods of time over a half hour.  


The Biking Gods truly hate me.  I went out for a ride the other day and did about 25 miles.  It was a gorgeous ride with the fall colors (forgot to take pics) and I made it up the steep hill that goes down to the Missouri River on the way back home so I figured it was all good.  Until this afternoon.

I hate thorns.  These are all over the tires and I'll just need to buy some more inner tubes on Wednesday.  I'm wondering if I should buy some Slime and hope for the best.  I'm also wondering if tubeless is the way to go.  It just seems like a giant pain with getting the tires to seal to the rims.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Block Three and Bike Fenders

I finally got block three glued down today and put the three blocks together for a pic.  One more block to go for the center.  Then to put the cornerstones in to make it a square.


Went to Lincoln yesterday for my birthday and picked up fenders for my Mukluk.  They had a 2013 yellow Pugsley that I drooled over and DH had to pry my fingers off of it before we left.  I really loved and wanted the shifters and the Marge Lite tires.  It will be okay though.  Really.

I'm not sure how the fenders will work as they appear rather flimsy.  Still cool looking and I hope they work.