Monday, August 29, 2011

"My Tweets" Blocks

Taking a break has really helped.  I've been less stressed and feeling better.

I was going over my computer folders, looked in the "My Tweets" folder and realized I wasn't caught up for all the blocks.  In a panic I checked the website and downloaded block 8 and realized I was missing block 7.  I found block 7 and realized how gorgeous this quilt really was and pulled it out.  I had overwhelmed myself with the colors, the satin stitching and that the yellow fabric was see through.  The thought of ripping out the yellow flowers to put white fabric behind them was the final straw.

Over the past few days I've almost got blocks 5, 6, and 7 done.  I need to finish up some leaves and flowers.  I need to put beaks and the feathers on the heads as well.  I couldn't find my regular camera (my kitten probably stole it since she takes off with everything) so the pictures are dark, but you get the idea.

 I LOVE the one on the far left as the flowers are so pretty.  Some close-ups:

And the center with all the blocks:

I'll spend the next couple of days depending on how I feel on block 8 and finishing up the small details on the others.

I don't think it's too late to join in the quilt.  Go to Erin's site at One Piece At A Time and check out her blog.  You may have to join her Yahoo! group to get all the blocks.  Even if you can't start, you can download the blocks for a later date.

Now to track down my camera and anything else Buttons has dragged off to her secret hiding place.

Check out Judy's block to see more design wall Monday posts.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taking A Break

I'm taking a break for awhile.  I think the stupid log cabin quilt killed my desire for piecing and cutting fabric.  I stuffed the entire project in the back of the closet last week and accepted the fact that I don't want to quilt right now.  I feel better after saying that.

Truthfully I'm loving riding my bike.  I haven't been outside in years and now spend at least half an hour or more every day.  I have spent more on bikes than I ever thought I would.  I bought two new mountain bike saddles to try out today.  The only thing that's hard is that while energized, cycling makes me exhausted.  Go figure.

I'll be in from time to time though so I won't be completely gone.  

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I think I need a cycling blog..LOL

I bought this bike the other day, had my LBS put new shifters, tires and grips on and she rides like a dream.  It's like having found and cleaned up a Singer Featherweight.  Smooth, fast, reliable and and vintage.  She was a TOL bike back in the 90's.  I paid two hundred dollars for her and she's in wonderful condition.  You just have to get over the loud yellow and red paint.

This is a Trek Y11, one of the first "Y" full suspension mountain bikes.  She's about 15 years old. A full suspension gives you front suspension and a rear suspension so your butt doesn't hurt going over rocks, logs, etc while riding.  I went down a gravel road hill full speed and my back/butt didn't hurt from the bouncing of a regular mountain bike.

Hmm..  Maybe I should set up a cycling blog.

Oh..I fell of this bike today.  I fell off another bike last weekend and I think once again during the last week.  You should see some of the bruises I have.  I just need to adjust the saddle height again.  I have a hard time getting on/off a bike since my saddle has to be high for my long legs.  Too short and the front of your knees hurt.  Too high, I fall off and your knees hurt in the back.  I do love cycling though.  Going down a hill at 30mph is a huge rush.

Oh, the neighborhood kids call it the "Pimpmobile" since you can rock it back and forth while riding.  Half of the boys that come over want it and another kid was willing to give me his next paycheck for it.

A couple of friends suggested I buy used bikes, clean them up and sell them.  My mechanical skills suck with a bike so that won't be happening any time soon.

My mom got my dad's quilt yesterday when she stopped off in Council Bluffs yesterday on her way to Utah.  I hope my dad loves it.  I'll call him tomorrow and let you all know how he likes it.

Monday, August 08, 2011

I finished my dad's quilt yesterday!  You can see the "pants" like backing and it matches perfectly with the front of the quilt.  I just folded over the backing and it finishes the quilt nicely.  I just did a simple crosshatch design for easy quilting.

My Topaz is okay.  I just broke the bobbin case and purchased a new one.  My mom was funny when she said, "Well, if you had a metal bobbin case, you wouldn't have that problem" (She has a Bernina).

I was at a LQS and came home with this pattern.  They finish out at 6x10.  What was I thinking?

I got bored of cutting after doing a few charm squares.  Each square has a zillion pieces to cut out to make the three quilts.  I'll do some more later.

I did 10 miles on my Madone last Friday.  It's getting easier and what keeps me going is the 30mph rush back home for 5 miles.  If you want to get stronger, buy a mountain bike.  If you want to go fast, buy a street bike.

I had no idea that there is so much more to cycling than ever imagined.  All the things you can do to fiddle with your bike.  Part of me wants to get red tires and red tape to my Madone.  Those tires are 50 bucks each.  I'm toying with the idea of adding drop bars to my Sirrus and putting street tires on my 29er mountain bike.  Too bad you can't customize your sewing machines.

Back to cutting out itty bitty pieces after I feed a starving teenager.  He's grown 2 shoe sizes this summer and isn't stopping.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I hope I didn't kill my machine.  If it's indestructible you know I'll find a way to break it.

While quilting my dad's quilt, the machine got caught up in the bulky corner seams.  There was a huge screech, the computer screen said "Main Motor Overload" and the needle had broken.  Once the computer screen cleared, I was able to move the needle up and clear out the threads underneath.  Then I realized the bobbin looked odd.

I lifted up the case and yup, I broke something.  Or at least bent the bobbin case into the machine.  I can't pry it out and I'm not about to try forcing it either.  I'm SO glad I wasn't using my Ruby.

I couldn't get a proper angle, but the bobbin case is shoved in at an angle to the left and back.  

This quilt has fought me all day with the bulky seams and stretchy material.  I guess it's time for a break.

I did find the perfect backing for my dad's quilt:

 It looks just like the pant material from the font.  I love it.

Guess I'm taking a trip to Lincoln tomorrow.  I think I'm going to put my Madone on the trainer,  put in a movie and get some miles in since it's too hot to ride outside.