Monday, April 30, 2012

Saw The Doc

Saw the doc today.  He said my brain would get better, it just takes time.  It's been 4 days and I'm still out of it.  I'm much better than I was Thursday but it's slow going.  I get tired really fast after doing stuff.  Just going to the dentist wiped me out for several hours.

I did get several blocks done for the log cabin quilt yesterday, but my brain has said "no way" today.

Time to head to bed.  My brain has had enough for now.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I went over my handlebars yesterday.  I went down a hill, over a dip and realized too late that the trail made a turn.  In a desperate attempt to slow down, I accidentally hit both brakes, flipped over and landed face first.

EMS said if I hadn't of had my helmet, I'd probably be dead due to a fractured skull, head trauma or at least dealing with surgery.  When they did a CT scan, it looked like I had a really small amount of bleeding and they kept me overnight.  They did another CT scan in the morning and everything looked fine.  I just have a concussion, bumps, some bruises and a sore face.  Doc said to keep an eye on my pain and if anything changes, go back to the doc.

Once I realized I was airborne the only thought going through my head was I was going to break my nose and bruise up my face.  Thankfully; despite the hard landing, the dirt was soft so I did a "plop" into the dirt instead of skidding down the trail.

I lost my glasses and a cell phone despite all the looking my son and DH did.

My son was great at calling 911 and guiding the EMS to where we were at.  I'm proud of him for remaining calm and keeping me from trying to get back to the car.  It's funny how even though you know you shouldn't leave the area, your brain just isn't comprehending things.

First thing I'm adding to my pack is a whistle so I can be found faster.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Log Cabin Quilt and New Shoes

Not sure I like this new Blogger.  Maybe I should hit Wordpress.  I just worry about losing everything.

I pulled out an old project today and started making more blocks.  It's been forever since I worked on it and finally felt in the mood.  I decided to drop the pink and brown block border which will make this project SO much easier.  Sometimes you have to drop out parts of a quilt that you don't like or don't feel like doing.  Give yourself permission to do this.  It will make your projects much easier and more enjoyable.  I also decided to do the twin size because there's no way I'll ever sew up 17000 something pieces of fabric in this lifetime.

Progress so far:

The top part has been already sewn together for some time.  I finished up sewing one last row, did blocks for the next row and a couple of blocks for the one below it.

The first picture has one row of circles done.  I need three circles across and four rows down to make the quilt.  It's gonna be awhile before this gets done.  I put up pink fabric to see if it would work for a border.  Not really, but it gives some inspiration and I'll keep playing.


I had a chance to really use my new shoes for the first time.  These are for clipless pedals and have cleats on the bottom that click into the pedals.  They are super sweet and really comfortable.  What I'd like to know is how come my cleats are so beat up after a couple of uses.

Note:  These are not made for walking in.  You can see all the scuff marks on the bottom and that's just a couple of times walking to the bike.  Bring a pair of tennis shoes as a back up plan if end up walking home for some reason.

I'm sure most people know this, but if you are outside doing something "outdoorsy" in the heat, please know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  I only did 14 miles yesterday at 10 mph, but you'd be surprised at how bad the heat sucks you physically and emotionally at 87 degrees.  Even though I had plenty of water, Gatorade and some food, I could still feel the effects.  I'm glad I turned around when I did yesterday or I'd have been worse off.  Please stay safe outside.  Hot days are better spent indoors piecing quilts.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mountain Biking

Yes!  Finally made it out to Swanson Park for mountain biking on Saturday.  I debated taking the Mukluk but chose my Mamba instead.  I'm still not strong enough to handle the Mukluk up hills.

Surprising DH decided to come along.  He got his bike ready and my son joined in.

Now I know I suck.  I just didn't know how bad until I went through the trail.  I wish I had pictures or a video to show the bad parts for everyone's amusement, but the 29er and I really struggled with control.  I sideswiped a pine tree while attempting to follow the trail, almost slid off part of an embankment, kept rolling off the trail that was indented and nearly caused DH to crash multiple times as I would have to stop and he'd have to brake to miss me.

The hardest part was lack of air.  I'd do just fine until my lungs would start screaming..usually going up a hill and I'd end up stopping midway.  Starting to ride a bike uphill halfway up is torture and given a 29er needs more power to start, I was once again dying when I got to the top.  I'm glad I didn't bring the Mukluk.

Now go figure.  My DH who has a full suspension 26er was riding along with grace and finesse behind me.  I look like a giraffe on giant wheels out of control praying I don't crash and he's humming along just fine.  I swear guys are just built for doing stuff like this even if they've never done it before.  He's not even breathing that hard up hills.  This is from the guy that hates dirt, camping, and anything else that has to do with outside.

Now, on downhill straights, the 29er was amazing.  I think I even got some air time going up a small hill.    Get some speed going down and go up with ease on smaller hills.  A 29er rolls over everything as well.  The couple of logs I went over were easy and so were the roots.  It's the stupid curves that got me every time as the turning radius on a 29er is not on a dime.

Part of me wonders if I should invest in a 26er.  Then I'd be a giraffe with my knees up to the handlebars praying I don't crash.  

If I can ride a mountain bike trail even if I suck, anyone can.  Get a mountain bike and head out to your nearest trail.  If you can free motion quilt, you can handle a trail as you just think of your bike like a needle going around on the quilt top.


Thursday, April 12, 2012 actual photo of something quilting related!  I have enough of the block done to show it off.

I have a love/hate relationship with appliqué but I'm hoping the block and the finished quilt will be worth it.


Had to go to Lincoln to get my oil changed and stopped off a different bike store.  They had one of those fancy Garmin GPS computers that everyone raves about.  Sigh.  There isn't any way I could afford that and it seems awfully overpriced anyway.  If my Android phone battery didn't suck, I'd just use that.  

I did get my basic computer up and running on the Mukluk but I don't know how long before it gets knocked out of alignment.  The guys on the Mountain Bike forum make everything seem so easy.  I'm so not mechanically abled and it's frustrating.  Is it a guy thing to just look at something and automatically be able to make it work?

My Fargo cassette is still throwing fits.  Those two stupid cogs and the chain still get caught up but it never does it on the stand, just out on the highway where I can't just stop and look at it.  None of the books I have address anything similar to the problem.  Only thing I can come up with is maybe the cassette itself is loose and it needs special tools to fix it.  With my luck, I'd totally mess up the cassette.

I really wish I could get up to Omaha to ride some trails soon but it looks like it will rain all weekend.  That just means it's good quilting weather then.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Hand Applique?

Does anyone know of a way to keep from pricking your finger while appliquéing?  It's driving me nuts as the needle pokes the finger slowing down the stitching.  Arghh.  It doesn't hurt, just drives me nuts for speed purposes.  Push needle in, stab finger, pull out needle, and push needle back up.

The other thing that's killing me is steep points like grass.  The "Red December" quilt has steep points and trying to make it work isn't exactly working.  All my books and Google searches don't have anything on the steeper points so if anyone has some ideas let me know.  These blocks are driving me nuts.

Hopefully I'm done being cranky after last week and can have a better week.  I just hate feeling like I have to make reservations to get my bikes or sewing machines even looked at for a couple of minutes.  I know that probably makes me come across as a jerk but it's frustrating.  You might as well put a number box by the door and take a seat with your ticket.

I called up ahead to see if I could have the guy put a computer on and the lady said not for a few days.  It's not that I can't do it, it's the stupid magnet refusing to work with the computer that I can never get right.  You have to have the spacing just right or it doesn't work.  The guy can set it up within 5 minutes and it's done.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Salsa Mukluk

I have a new baby.  He's HUGE but I've wanted one since I first saw him sitting on the bike showroom.  I took him out on the mountain bike trail in Omaha today and had a blast.  I brought him home and went out through the back roads and it was riding on air.  This thing is a BEAST.