Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Card

I am actually pretty reclusive.  The idea of giving crafty cards and other fancy papers seemed better suited for people who truly have a lot of friends and more exciting lives.  While I know lots of people, I'm not really part of their lives.  If you are bipolar, you'll understand.

Until today.

My neighbor just had a baby boy and she teaches my son's honor choir.  It's her first baby and I had this brilliant idea of making a card.  I have a cutter.  I have paper.  I have MTC and SCAL.  This should be easy.  I was up in Lincoln today and found a simple boy sticker set and knew I wanted it.


I knew what I wanted.  Nothing silly or childish.  You know, the diapers, onsies, bottles, safety pins, and rattles.  I wanted a classy card that was sweet.  I scoured the internet.  Nothing.  Everything was the usual sickly sweet.

DD saw what I was doing, grabbed some paper, the sticker set and my manual paper cutter.  In a few minutes she had a card up and going.  It's gorgeous.  Sigh.  I make things much harder than it really is.

She'd taken my Sizzix BigKick, used an embossing die to do two pieces of paper, glued them together, and put the sticker set on top.  She then glued that to the paper card.  Wow.

I figured I could do the center.  I wanted "Congratulations" as I didn't know what else to say.  I pulled up MTC and went through the fonts.  Nothing.  I recalled that MTC can import fonts from the internet.  I did some looking and found the perfect font.  I typed up "Congratulations" on the screen, put a pen in the CTSNBN (cutter that shall not be named) and it went to work.

So...  here it is!  My first ever card!

The inside:


Yup.  I claim the inside.  Stickers and everything.  DD claims the front.  It's PERFECT.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tandem Bikes

Depression sucks.  It makes you cranky, impossible to live with and all I want to do is sleep all day.

DH surprised me with dinner last night.  We had agreed to go out last Saturday to avoid reservations and the crowds.  We had lunch in Lincoln and spent the afternoon hitting our favorite stores.  He came in the door last night, told me to get my coat and we were going to dinner.  We had a nice dinner and a great date.

One of the bike shops had a tandem bike so DH and figured we'd try it out.  He's talked about a tandem bike but I'll tell you what, those take coordination and trust and we don't have it right now.  I'm sorry I don't have a pic to post of us landing in the snow pile after we tried to turn a corner.  The LBS guy was pretty pissed which made it even funnier since we told him we'd never ridden a tandem bike and wasn't sure how to do it.  You told us to go out and try it.  It's fun!  He took the bike, grumbled and mumbled as he took the bike back in.  We left soon after.

I'd like to give it another go, but we'd need a wide open space and a few hours to get the communication right.  If you are the stoker (back seat) all you do is pedal and pray your DH's proximity alarm doesn't go off (or at least get a warning) and if you are the captain, you are in charge of everything else and need to let the stoker know what's going on.

These bikes would either improve your marriage or destroy it.  LOL!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Really Cold

It's 1pm on Friday and no phone call.  My house is down to 60 degrees from 71.  He said he'd call when the part came in.  I REALLY don't want to spend the weekend without a real heater.  We aren't stuck, it's just frustrating.

My kids have been spending the nights at friend's houses.  I'm grateful that people are willing to do that.

Tomorrow DH is taking me to Lincoln for Valentine's Day.  It may not be a date if the house is cold though.  LOL.  I told him not to worry about flowers.  While I'd' LOVE some, I refuse to spend 60 dollars on them.   Plus my cats have a love of rose leaves and will munch on them all day.  It's not worth the chasing or the squirt bottle over roses.  Any one else's cat adore rose leaves?

I was talking to the bike mechanic on Wednesday about tandem bikes.  He has one coming in a few weeks.  He showed it to me and it's based off DH's Trek Navigator.  DH fell in love immediately with the picture online.

Not sure I want to do the tandem thing.  After all, how do you get it out to a trail in Lincoln?  It's not going to fit in my SUV and I don't think they make bike racks for one.  If they do, it will cost a fortune. gas guy came just now!!  Maybe I will have heat today!


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cold And Wet

But now just cold.

I discovered on Tuesday that a small water tube to my humidifier burst, flooding out my basement just enough to make things miserable.  I've learned a long time ago never to put valuables or anything else you don't want wet in the basement so most of it wasn't a loss.  The tube probably burst in the morning and I didn't discover it until around 2:30 pm.

I spend all afternoon cleaning up and go to turn on the heat.  Nothing.  A few hours later, nothing.  The gas guy comes in the next morning and painfully tells me that the circuit board is fried due to the water and I won't have heat until Friday.

So now I'm just cold.

I do have a giant heater, kerosene? out in the garage.  You know, that LDS three day emergency kit thing, but I don't think I can put it on carpet and truthfully I'm scared too anyway.  I have a small heater sitting next to me right now so we aren't freezing.  Just cold and glad I have a lot of quilts to use.

I'm just grateful the Service Guard plan we purchase every month covers everything and it wasn't a water pipe.  Yeah, it's expensive, but sure beats having to come up with the cash to fix this.

Now I just hope it's the circuit board and I don't need a whole new heater.  It's too cold to quilt right now so I'll post when I can.


Took out the kerosene heater.  No way will that work in my house as the rooms are too small and the caution page was filled up completely.  I know my FIL meant well when he was convinced the world was ending (long story) and bought us the heater but it's really meant for industrial usage.

Monday, February 06, 2012

"My Tweets" Do Over

I finally have a quilt post.

I'm not quite sure what happened with the "My Tweets" size blocks.  All I know is I messed up.  First response was to make the center bigger so I added borders.  Her directions then said I could cut the blocks down.  Okay.  I sized two blocks and realized that I screwed up this one.  I looked at the others and figured I'd have the same problem on several more.  The only option was to start over on the center panel and make it the size I missed when the package was sent.


My heart just hasn't truly been in it.  I got this far and I just want to shove the entire project into the closet.  The worst part about these patterns are the feathers.

At least I didn't have the center panel done with the satin stitching.  I just hope I have enough fabric to finish.