Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aligning Center Dahlia Pieces

I decided I was determined to get those pieces to meet up. I took out two pieces of the center so I had 8 pieces on each side. I aligned up the center in a swirl, pinned the two halves together and started sewing down the middle. When I got the center, I carefully went through the middle of each section and then came out the other side and finished the seam. It's not perfect, but I figure if it doesn't look great, I can sew in a beautiful pink or blue button that would set off the center.

I still need to sew the other half of the center to the dahlia petals, but the center is pieced. I have the outside to work on and then figure out the background.

I'm crawling back into bed now. This has wiped me out and it took me about 20-30 minutes to do this. I may see a doc tomorrow about being sick. Thankfully; I don't have a sinus infection but this isn't getting any better.

From Quilted with Love

Monday, October 26, 2009

Center Complications

You'll have to forgive me. I'm still fighting off a cold from the after affects of the flu. Go figure. I get the flu and do pretty good. It gives me a cold and I'm miserable. If this turns into a sinus infection I'll really be nasty.

I'm still figuring out the dahlia center and know the center is going to be a mess. I forgot that you need to "halve" the section in two and sew down the middle for an even seam. However; sixteen pieces meeting perfectly in the center isn't aligning well.

I'm going to have to email a couple of quilting experts to see if there's a way to work this out. If this isn't going to work, I thought about making the center one piece, adding the seam allowance and carefully working my way around the center. Then I worry about the probability of stretched biases.

I'll figure it out. Eventually. Or cheat and fuse something for the center with some applique work. It's 2009. Cheating is allowed now.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Center Of My Dahlia

Feeling TONS better. I've been working on this most of the evening:

From Quilted with Love

So far the middle is good. I've been taking my time and trying very hard not to stretch the seams. I found if I did it in sets of two, I didn't stretch it as much. Any more than two at a time made for awkward attempts at inset seams. I've got 9 done right now. I haven't sewn up the entire dahlia so I don't get stuck in the middle.

I am loving the pink center. The flash makes it much lighter than it is. I wasn't sure at first, but it really sets off the inner colors. I still need one more outer color and a background to finish up. I'd like a green so I have leaves.

My hand piecing is still really bad. It's so awkward. Even after all this work I really struggle. I've also realized I haven't pulled the thread tight enough through the pieces. I may have to go back and touch up a few spots. I've reinforced the set-in seams though.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting Center Done On Dahlia Quilt

I had to edit my post...sigh. It's not in the cards to have that movie.

On the quilting side I've been working on the center of my Dahlia Quilt:

From Quilted with Love
I have no clue how 16 centers are going to meet in the center nicely. This has all been inset seams as well. It's not hard, it just means being careful and trying not to stretch the bias. I'm not sure this is going to work very well. Even if you fold the seams all to one side in a pinwheel fashion, it won't lay flat.

I had tried making a tutorial movie to make one of these, but my daughter has shaky hands and I'm sicker than I thought. I think we all have H1N1. My kids has been out of school all week. The school has just been extremely grateful that I've kept my kids home instead of sending them anyway. Half of the school kids are out sick right now.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Getting My Dahlia Quilt Sewn Up

I haven't disappeared. I'm just terrible at hand piecing and I've been watching too many movies like Gremlins, Wizard of Oz, and The Dark Crystal. I have a stack of movies still needing to be watched and Tuesday is new release day for Snow White.. Oops..this my quilting blog..LOL.
I've gotten this much hand pieced. My points meet, but they have small holes. I may have to take my sewing machine and do a quick stitch over them for stabilization. Even stitches are not my forte.

I still haven't figured out a center and background. When I get closer to finishing the circle, I'll try out some more fabrics. I haven't pressed anything because it's all on the bias. I've tried not to fiddle with it too much for the same reason.

DH asked what I wanted for my birthday today, but he said I couldn't have a kitty. I told him I'll figure out something in the next few days and get back to him. Probably background fabric for this quilt.