Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Testing Out The New 2 Inch Accuquilter Die

My 2 inch die set came in on Monday but I hadn't had a chance to use it until today.

First attempt:

I put 4 layers of fabric and the mat and attempted to run it through.  It groaned all the way through and when I took off the mat, none of them were square.  There went 24 squares into the trash.

2nd and 3rd:

I did it with 3 and 2 layers.  Same problem.

4th attempt:

One layer worked just fine.

I figure this HAS to be a user error problem because everyone else adores this product.  Or I'm the only one questioning the user issues of the dies.  There is nothing wrong with the die and the 2 inch squares are perfect.  

I remember reading that putting a piece of paper over the fabric and then running it through.  I put all four layers, paper, the mat and ran it through.

This time it worked.  24 perfect squares.  Note to self:  Kona Cotton needs paper.

You all know me.  I have to have one gripe.  24 squares at a time isn't going to work with this 9-patch quilt.  It's still faster and more fabric efficient to cut six 2 inch strips and subcut them.  I can cut through 8 layers of fabric with my rotary cutter to make the subcuts.  The die isn't useless, it just can't compete with this project.

This die would be worth more if it was sized to cut more than 6 squares.  Maybe I should have invested in the Studio version which has a die that does twelve 2 inch blocks at a time.

Is the home version just not able to handle the cutting load that I do or is it just this project that makes this cutter seem underwhelming?  


Walking Uphill Both Ways

DH said I couldn't have the 2006 Huyandai Azera that was online at the dealer we go to.  Sigh.  But it's less than a new Accent and is so much more adult looking.  I've test driven one before and fell in love instantly.

Oh well.  I can't justify a car anyway.  I wouldn't use one often enough to need it.  Except for yesterday.

I took the Malibu (still in shock the guy let me take it home for the night) back to the dealer and walked home with a gallon of milk, cheese and a package of tortillas..about a half mile.  Yeah..I should have bought the groceries first with the car, but I didn't want anything to happen to the stupid car since it's not mine and I have no insurance on it.

I set up a doc appt for my son later that afternoon for Scout Camp.  I wish he had decided he wanted to go to Scout Camp LAST week when I could have done the phsyical with a car.

Then I realized DH told me we had 100 bucks in the account.  I used 20 on Monday for my daughter.  I spent 10 at the store and would spend another 20 for the physical.  If DH got gas after work without him knowing this, we'd bounce.

Sigh.  DH didn't take the cell phone so I could tell him not to get gas after work and for some stupid reason I couldn't get online to move some money over.  Off to the bank I walk.  A mile later I'm back home and feeling financially better.

Doc office isn't to far away but it's uphill and down the opposite side of the hill.  That killed me and my hips.  I think they need readjusted as I'm still in pain.  Walking flat is fine.  Apparently hills are not.

I'm not going anywhere and I'm going to finish this top TODAY because if I don't, I'll lose my mind.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well, it's almost Tuesday, but here's the progress on my 9-patch quilt:

I'm so sick of this quilt that I'm not going to make it as big as the book has it.  I love the quilt and it will be beautiful, but I can't keep this up.  The time and fabric I've put into this is more than I should have.  Since I strip pieced it instead of cutting up zillions of 1 inch squares, I used 4 times as much background fabric than what the pattern said.  You can only get about 7-8 blocks a 22 inch strip.

I'll add some borders and call it quits.  I want the blocks to "float" with a white border and then a small purple border.  If I feel brave, maybe add a white border with a small flower/leave applique around it.

I'm heading to bed.  For the first time in 8 years I get to sleep in a bed with DH in it on a weekday instead of just weekends.  And tomorrow and the next day...Life is good.

Back Door Eating Car

I forgot how much I hate shopping for cars.  I like looking and driving them, just hate the rest of it.  Why would I possibly need a 2nd car?  We haven't had a 2nd car in over 13 years since I don't really drive.  Here's why a 2nd care would be helpful, but not essential.

Remember a couple of months ago when I had the feeling DH would be getting a new job?  It happened.  DH started a DAY job today with NORMAL hours of 8-5.  No more nights.  No more corrections.  No more worries about him getting hurt while working with inmates and any of the other crap that goes with that job.  My DH looks like he's de-aged a few years just after the weekend.  Hopefully; his blood pressure will drop to normal levels now.  Only catch is he has to commute to Lincoln with around an hour drive to and from.

Since it's a day job, I'm left w/o a vehicle.  The town I live in is small enough to walk to where I need to go, but there are times when I will need a car or really have to ask for someone to drive me.  I walked over to the local used car dealer and looked around.  For the prices he wanted I could buy a brand new Huyundai Accent.  I asked about a car that was around 3000 or less.  A junk car that you "dump when it dies on you" car.  I just need something to get me to the grocery store and a few other places.  He said he had a Sable (don't remember the year but in the 1990's) that he would sell me for under a thousand.  I took it for a spin up to a friend who does mechanic work for a look-over.  It needed the left back brake replaced, a heating part replaced and something else but the A/C worked and it ran beautifully.  Only other catch was the back doors don't exactly work so you get stuck back there.  My friend said he wouldn't pay more than 500 for it.

I drove it back and drove a 2001 Chevy Malibu.  He wanted 5000 for it and again I went back to my friend and had him look it over.  A cover for an oil thing needed replaced as it was leaking oil and it needed a new hose for something else.  We did a Blue Book check and it ran up around that price.  I came back and asked about those parts and I asked what he would go down on in price.  He said he'd take 4500 for it claiming that he paid 4200 for it.  Hmm.  Why suddenly go that low without even dickering over the price?  He said I could take it home and show DH the car.  WHO lets you drive off with a car overnight?

DH took a look at it and drove it.  We figured out why he was so happy to go to 4500 so fast.  The A/C doesn't quite work.  It comes out cold but the A/C button keeps turning off/on by itself and wouldn't let you change how the air was circulated.  I had a Dodge Neon that played this game and the dealer kept insisting nothing was wrong.  This could be an expensive fix if it's a stupid sensor or not depending on the problem.  I'll take it back tomorrow as I'm not about to deal with A/C issues.

I went on to fiind out more and it appeared the car was only worth close to 4000 not 5000 like the Blue Book said.

As silly as it sounds, I loved the rusted, brake needing, insane back door eating Sable much better.  Probably because it reminds of me of my 1970's F-250 truck I drove while in high school.  Not much to look at but it drove beautifully.

No car today and it's one of those things that isn't neccesary, but when I do need one, it's there.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank You AccuQuilt

Kelly Jackson from I Have A Notion got a call back from the AccuQuilt company after she talked with them and they decided to replace the die set.  Thank you Accuquilter for listening.  It means a lot.

Kelly is wonderful to work with and if you need supplies check out her site.

I got thinking about the die sets and wondered if Accquilt will come out with quilt block sets.  It would be great to buy something like the Ohio Star block where the star part is at the top and the background blocks are at the bottom for easy fabric usage.

Or a log cabin die that looks like the strip dies with the right sizes going down the length of the die so you can layer the fabric all the way for multiple fabric usages.

However; it's probably more money making just to have you buy the individual triangle dies for the Ohio Star block instead of one block set.

I spend way too much time thinking of stuff like this.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Found It!!!!!

I was going through cleaning up quilt paperwork and supplies and I can't believe I found this pattern!!!:

I have been looking for this pattern for years!  I made a quilt with it about 6 years ago and gave the quilt away to a dear friend.  I have still wanted to make another quilt with it but never found the pattern.  I couldn't even remember what magazine I got it from.  This was my first or second appliqued quilt.

I appologize for the condition of the picture.  I took it years ago and the online photo site decided to call it quits.  It had resized it for the site and I can no longer put it back to where it was.  I completely satin stitched all the pieces and it took forever.

I put the pattern in a plastic sleeve and added it to my pattern 3-ring binder.

Just Glue It Down

I talked with customer service about my 2 inch die set.  They said to glue it down with Elmer's glue and talk with the retailer I bought it from if that doesn't work.  Huh?  I did work with the lady I purchased the die from and the company told her the same thing.  They weren't going to send me a new one.  Wierd.

Part of me says screw it.  I can get more 2 inch squares 10 times faster with my June Tailor Shape Cut anyway.

At least the 1.5 inch strip die set works.  I used it yesterday to cut some more strips.  I also took a black Sharpie marker and went over the cutting lines for guidelines.

I think the Accuquilter company needs to give much better instructions for using the dies and what they are capable of doing online or with the cutter itself when you buy it.

  • How to layer the fabrics for optimum usage for different patterns/blocks.  They did put a chart up for fabric measurements online, but it wasn't what I needed.  It would be great to know how to get the fabric ready for log cabin blocks as they have different lengths.
  • Troubleshooting Guide as there is some human error to this set up.
  • How to fix the dies if you are just supposed to "glue" it down if they foam comes up.
  • Make repositional tape for measurements across the dies.  I hate to mark up the strip die horizontally with tons of Sharpie marks.
  • Make rotary rulers/guides out the the stuff the mats are made of.  They are so much easier on my hands and they are completely non-slip. 
I'm still torn on this cutter.  It has great potential, buy it still has flaws that I hope will get fixed.  

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Please tell me I wasn't an idiot to buy this Go! Cutter.

I bought the 2 inch square die and tried to use it.  The fabric would get stuck between the intersecting blades on the top where the white thread is.  I'd carefully pull the squares out and then after a few tries of cutting squares the foam started coming up.

When I went to check the squares ALL of them were skewed by up to 1/8 of an inch.  Now the die is exactly 2 inches square so I know it's not a measurement issue on their side.  I had to toss out all these squares and a lot of waste:

I'll have to call them up on Monday and see if they will replace my die as it's still under warranty.

Truthfully; I can cut more squares much faster via my Shape Cut template with no waste at all.  I can cut six 2 inch strips, fold 2 on top of each other and cut squares out with my 60mm rotary blade in no time.

I really hope this cutter isn't a waste of money and my time.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Over The Pool Germaphobia I Have

I finished up 19 rows of my 9-patch quilt.  I just need to sew the last 2 to the main section.  Hopefully I can do that tomorrow and put up a pic.

My kids talked me into going to the pool last night.  My daughter didn't believe me when I told her this after picking her up earlier in the evening.

"No way Mom.  You are lying.  You NEVER go to the pool.  It's impossible".

I haven't been in a public pool in over 10 years.  The public pool is the only time I turn into a germaphobe. All I can think of is all the bacteria on the wet floor in the locker rooms and how many people pee in the pool.  No thank you.  

My kids loved having me there.  I showed them how to swim the breast stroke and the back stroke and to float.  However; after an hour, I got out of the pool and could hardly move.  I haven't been this sore in a long time.

The only thing it did was irritate my hips so I went to the chiropractor to get it checked out.  I explained that I had felt it rotate about 3 weeks ago, but figured I'd be fine.  I got chewed out for not coming in, but was told that the pool would strengthen my muscles and help with my back/hips.  He also said that because I injured my back years ago, the muscles never healed properly and my left leg muscles have shortened to compensate for it.  Using the pool would really help with this.

Sigh.  I guess I have to get over being a germaphobe and hit the pool.  DH took me to the store and after trying on what seemed like tons of swimsuits, I found one that fit and that I liked.  I really want my back, hips and legs to work properly and if this will help, I'll do it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Subcutting Strips With The Go! Cutter

I thought I'd be cool and try making some sub cuts with my cutter.  The first couple of times went pretty good despite my strip sets not being exactly straight.  Then I got greedy and to four strips instead of two:

I used a ruler to lay them out as straight as possible, put the mat on and rolled it through.  Sort of.  The roller pushed the mat over the fabric and everything shifted.

They are indeed 1.5 inch side strips just with a slight angle to them.  I'm hoping they are still usable as I have to cut them down to size after they've been sewn.

I think I'll just stick to two strips until I can work with the machine more.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday

It appears that there's an event called "Design Wall Monday" going on.  My hallway has looked like this for several weeks now but this is the current one taken today:

I'm slowly getting there.  However; last night and this morning strips were made in no time at all thanks to the Go! cutter making this project go much faster.  I really need to join Hypocrites Anonymous and go through their 10 step program.  Or it is more You Are A Liar Anonymous I belong too?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm A Hypocrite. Again.

I had several people ask where I got my Aurifil cone from.  I bought mine from That Thread Shop.  If you do a search on Aurifil cones there are several sites that come up.

I am a HUGE hypocrite again; but ONLY because it was a such a good price.  I picked up a Go! cutter at JoAnn Fabrics today.  They are on sale all this week for 270ish dollars.  I picked up a long mat and the 1.5 inch strip die.  They wouldn't take my 50% off coupon for the die or the mat though.  Apparently those are considered "special items".  Oh well.  I tried.

I've been cutting 1.5 inch strips out of my fabric all evening and I am almost done.  Wow.  It's taken weeks to get strips cut and now I can cut between 5-20 at a time.

I've only been doing fat quarters so I don't know how well it works when you fold your fabric.  I only have  three complaints so far.  Sometimes the mat creates a crease in the fabric, the static electricity is driving me nuts and the way they number their dies.  There are not SIX dies included as I count the half square triangles ss one die set making it three.   Sorry, counting the 4 half square triangles doesn't count as separate pieces.

I also subcut the sets into 1.5 inch sections.  I lined up a ruler along the edge of the cutter and put my strip set along the ruler.  I carefully laid the mat over it and a few seconds later I had them done.

I have a hat and shoes to go eat now.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Got My Aurifil Cone Today

*If you have a Janome Horizon, register it on the Janome site.  It appears that the plate may not work as a part comes off and they are sending out a replacement.  My dealer didn't know anything about it, but people on the Yahoo! group have received this plate in the mail.*

Woo Hoo!  My cone of Aurifil thread came today!  It's so much cheaper to buy it by the cone and I know it will last forever.  You can see the basic spool next to my cone.  Aurifil is my favorite thread and finding it in a cone size just made my day.

Oh, I fixed my cutting table by adding a 2x3 foot dry marker board.  It sits on top of the bedrisers and has done wonders for my back.  It's strong enough to handle everything and I love it.

I've been working with my Janome Horizon and wanted to say thank you for those that suggested going the opposite way when doing strip sets.  It's really helped.  The Horizon is a wonderful machine and I'm still learning to use it.  I have to remember it's not like my Topaz and it runs differently.  Just let me gripe and go OCD on it.  It's just how I deal with stress.  LOL.

Pictures Of 1/4 Inch Feet On My Machines

I took pictures of the Horizon's feed dog position for it's 1/4 inch foot so you can see that the fabric doesn't use the right feed dog.  The fabric feeds through the metal guide not even touching the feed dog. Since my fabric hasn't been veering toward the left, I figured I was good.  Does anyone else's 6500, 6600 or 7700 1/4 inch foot do this?  Metal or clear.  Or am I just doing this wrong?  Yes, the back part of the foot sits on the feed dogs, but the fabric doesn't.  I've moved the needle to 4 to do my piecing.

Here's my Topaz's 1/4 inch foot covering both feed dogs:

For one last test on my Janome, I put the regular foot on, moved the needle over to 6 and had no problems.  Fabric fed just fine through the machine with little bowing.  I don't have the 1/4 inch Accufoot for the Janome for those that say to use that.  It went with the 6600 along with the needle plate.

It's not that the Horizon doesn't work as it sews beautifully.  It's the stupid 1/4 inch feet that Janome has for it.  I'm just going to use the standard foot and some tape along the side for now.  Maybe I should email Janome and see what they say.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Viking vs. Janome?

I got out my Topaz to see if there is a difference in doing the strips.  Big time difference as there is little to no bowing.  The fabric just feeds through beautifully.  Now I'm confused about the Horizon's ability to piece.  I went through again and had the same results.  Topaz has near perfect strips and the Horizon has bowed strips.

The only thing I can think of is that the Topaz's 1/4 inch foot seats perfectly on the 7mm feed dogs and the fabric feeds through both dogs.  It appears that Janome machines only has fabric feeding through the left dog.  Oh..I hope I'm not going to have the same problem that I had with the 6600 on piecing and the fabric moves to the upper left.  Janome REALLY needs to design a 1/4 foot that truly seats the fabric on both feed dogs.

Or am I just crazy?  I think I will always be a Viking fan, despite having the Horizon.  I will say the Horizon beats my Topaz at FMQ big time so maybe it's a trade-off.

Any thoughts?

Bowing Strip Sets Help

Does anyone know the fix for bowing strip sections?

It's driving me nuts!  I've just dealt with it by cutting one section at a time and making adjustments.  Is it feeding too much fabric?  Not enough?  Feed dog issue?  Are my strips not straight when I cut?  Am I stretching the fabric w/o me knowing it?  Spray starch?

The length of the strips are 22 inches so I'm not dealing with 44 inches.

I don't remember having these strip issues with my Topaz.  I may have to pull it out and see.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playing With EQ7

EQ7 came yesterday!  I really haven't had a chance to play with it and see what the new stuff is.  I'm hoping there are some books and a QuiltUniversity course on EQ7.  I have taken all the EQ6 courses and loved them. 

I've been on a Log Cabin phase tonight and designed several.  This one has both Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps:

Sunday, June 06, 2010

New Table For Cutting Mat Part II

After using the previous table, I realized it was too high and not stable enough.  I redid the entire table for stability with what I had at home.  I had the shelf boards downstairs as I didn't feel like going to Lincoln for a sheet of plywood.  It's still pretty rough, but it's working much better and my large mat fits on it.

Next time I head up to Lincoln, I'll get a sheet of plywood cut to size.

Can Of Corn Included With Purchase

*edited*..okay..sort of a genius.  Slight problem as I need a solid wood board that is one piece.  I'll have to go to a wood place to get one. However; it's still a great idea*

I am a genius.  I'm not boasting, just proud that I figured out how to fix my cutting problems.  While thinking about the Go! cutter, I realized my problem isn't cutting accurately or needing more layers, it's my stupid back.  Bending over my table is killing me.  The Go! is perfect for a lot of people who need the accuracy, but it won't do a thing for back.

I got thinking about how to fix the problem last night and the lightbulb finally went on.  Raise the mat!  Duh.  I can't raise the table (it weighs a ton and a half) but if I customize the mat to where I need it, no more issues.  I also needed something I can just take apart since my family uses the table for eating.'s my makeshift invention prototype.  Patent pending. Cans of corn included with purchase.

For 16 bucks I bought the bed risers and a roll of non stick kitchen stabilizer.  I put my acrylic Janome table from a previous machine on top and it works!  All I needed was a mere 9 inches for my back.

It only holds my small mat as the table has a hole cut for the bed of the machine, but you get the idea.  I'll figure out something for my larger mats using the same logic later.

I also use this acrylic table as a light table.  I use one of those folding Ott lights and stick it underneath.

I hope this helps someone else who really needs the height to cut.  My back is already feeling so much better.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Impressions On The Go! Cutter

I went into Lincoln today to check out a quilting store I had never been in.  It was a really nice store and go figure (pun intended) they had one of those Go! accuquilt things.  She showed it to me and let me try it out.  While it was nice, I think it's ridiculously overpriced for what it is.

There's no way I could carry it with my back as I lifted it up to see how it felt.  I could feel the strain on my back and the last thing I need is to really hurt it.  I wouldn't be able to easily put it away or get it out.  She showed me the dies and I thought they could put more designs on them to make use of the empty space.  However; that's just the frugality in me.  Why waste all that good space when you could add smaller squares or triangle pieces?  You could fit 5 designs on instead of 2 or 3.

With as much cutting as I do, I think I would go through the strip dies and plastic cover in no time.

Now..before you think I'm completely negative, it really does work with little learning curve.  I had 1.5 inch strips done in no time and it was dummy proof.  Just don't stick your hand on the die and press down.  The cutter is good quality and it lies completely flat.  You won't get your die stuck over a hump and ruin the fabric or the die.

Truthfully; I fell in love with the industrial version.  It was built better and the dies were on strong wood. You could get far more done one one die than going over and over with the home one.  However; the set I wanted is 899 on their website and I have no place to put it in a little tiny house.  After I thought about it,  I could probably put it in the basement and then make money on it doing cutting for other people once they figured out I have one.  Even if I just bought the studio by itself it was only 146 dollars more on sale via their website.

DH still wasn't impressed once he saw how one worked.  He said it was good quality but like me, thought it was ridiculously overpriced. 

Friday, June 04, 2010

Hanging In There

Dangit..hurt my back yesterday.  That's what I get for trying to get the stuck tray open to clean my zebra finch cage to clean it and putting groceries on the counter.  I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a full blown episode and be out for 2 months.  I have kept up with the physical therapy so maybe my muscles are strong enough to hang in there.

I sold my rabbits on Monday because I can't bend down to clean the cages and catch them when they are done playing.  It broke my heart but they have a great new home where they will be loved.  I'm hoping I don't have to lose my zebra finches.

My copy of EQ7 should be here soon as DH discovered it came off the checking account.  Woo Hoo!

DH has been great about the manic episode.  I told him NOT to let my buy anything until it's over.  I'm in no position to make those decisions.  I almost spent a thousand dollars on the Go! cutter and supplies and he and an online quilter stopped me.  I love him so much as he's put up with this for 16 years.  We have set up plans for both the mania and depression.  He gets my bank card and I have to ask for any purchase while manic.  If it's depression he has to know how low I'm going.  I was diagnosed when I handed DH a bottle of seizure meds and told him I wanted to down the entire bottle.  It's a serious mental health issue and it's just below schizophrenia.  I take it very seriously as I visited a friend that was in the hospital and realized I would make sure to never go there.  It was so creepy and sad.  The best therapy is being around normal people.

I do love my 7700.  DH knows me well enough that it wasn't a manic purchase otherwise he wouldn't have let me have one.  I still get scared it will blow up in my face but it's been wonderful.

I'm slowly coming down as I've increased my medication.  I refuse to let manic-depression rule my life.    

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"What Century Are We In?"

LOL.  DH was willing to let me have one of those cutters until he saw they were hand cranked via a video.  The look on his face was priceless.  It was like he was thinking, "And what century are we in now?"

He was not about to fork over several hundred dollars for a hand cranked die cutter.  For the price they wanted he thought it would be like a printer where you just shove the die/fabric in and the machine would move it through automatically.  Once he put it like that (he's rather blunt and knows me well) I had to agree.  As of right now, I don't need it.

If you need a cheap option, get a Shape Cut template:

I have both the 1/2 and 1/4 inch ones.  Line up the fabric and stuff your rotary cutter through the slots.  If my strip isn't exactly straight, I just cut to that mark and realign the strip.  I still have to bend over and my cutter catches on the open slots, but it works great.

Here's the progress so far on this quilt:

It still doesn't look like much but I have more sewn on the other side.  As I've trimmed more blocks, it's easier to work through the strips.  The book had a great idea of sewing an internal "rectangle" on it's side and then sewing the four corners to it.  That way you aren't trying to piece really long strips to each other.  I chose to start my rectangle at block 20 vertically/horizontally. The piece in the middle is row 20.

As a side topic, I think Bandit needs to be Janome's 7700 mascot as this is one of his favorite places to sit.


Time Versus Money

I did some more research into this cutter thing.  You know me..the conspiracy theorist when it comes to fancy quilting supplies.  Some YouTube vidoes had much better demonstrations that didn't use nearly as much waste as the vidoes at the website.  I feel a little better now.

It is tempting since I have a zillion 2 inch blocks to cut out for this quilt.  To be able to just cut them out would be totally awesome.  I didn't see a die cut for the quarter square size that I need.

The log cabin quilt I plan to do next is all 1.5 inch strips with 20 fat quarters.  That's a lot of rotary cutting and it would take forever.

I emailed the site about doing secondary cuts for strip sets.  If I'm doing 9-patch blocks and have a strip set with 3 fabrics, can I cut that set using the strip dies?  Will it work with seam allowances?  What would be sweet..and it would take some pretty precise layout skills, is to be able to square up that 9 patch with the 2 inch square die cut.  I cut my 9-patches bigger on the edges so I can trim them down to the right size.  That's really what's killing me time-wise.  I still can't piece the dang blocks and get a perfect 2 inch block without that extra fabric to trim off.

The price still kills me.  When I did some price checking at different sites I couldn't believe all the different prices..and I'm talking by A LOT.  Why would their website charge far more than a regular store for the dies and the cutter?  The carrier is way overpriced yet you'd almost need it.  I swear if you label quilting on it, you can charge 3 times as much for it.

I guess the big question is, "Can I justify the cost of the cutter/dies with the premise of less time to make cuts?" and I just don't know yet.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Accuquilt Go! Cutter?

I have to ask, what is the big deal about this Accuquilt Go! cutter?  I watched the videos and saw tons of wasted fabric.  Yes, you can cut extremely faster and that's really sweet, but as a cheap quilter  I couldn't handle having all that wasted fabric that the dies left behind.  When doing applique, I make sure I use every bit of the fabric.  The dies appeared to just do the center and leave the sides wasted.

I about choked on the cost of the dies and you need a set of dies for everything.  The strip dies were 75 dollars a piece.  Errr.  No way.  Thats tons more fabric for my stash and almost the cost of a quilt top.

However; my curiosity makes me wonder that if you own one do you like it?  Is it worth the cost of the dies?  I'm so sick of cutting strips, but I'd need several dies to cut the strips and that makes me want to gag on the prices just thinking about it.  I didn't see a set that had different strip size dies.

How about accuracy?  The last thing I'd want to do is have 6 layers of different fabrics only to have them all "off" because something shifted.  That would really make me mad.

The site wouldn't let me read the reviews so it would be interesting to see what owners have to say.