Sunday, April 20, 2008

DVD Steelbook Quilts

Hubby was so excited. He got more steelbook DVDs in the mail and laid them out to admire them. LOL. He said "See, I can make a quilt too!" *rolls eyes* Then he says excitedly, "3 more and I have a whole quilt!" ROTFLOL

I had no idea he had this many. Most come from Futureshop, a store in Canada from someone on Ebay.

I made his day when I did a search for "steelbook" in the Ebay search. I found him the "Indiana Jones" trilogy steelbook for pre-order. He was dancing around so excited.

"I never thought of looking that way for them. I just put in titles to see if they had one", he said.

*sigh* This is the man who can find DVDs for ridiculously low prices yet can't search for them in Ebay??

He's now looking for the last X-men movie steelbook because, "It has claw marks from Wolverine etched into the box!!!" It's only found in the Futureshop stores who can't or won't send items out of Canada. (Idiots) The last copy he found went for almost 300 dollars on Ebay the other day. All this for a metal box with claw marks on it.


Hazel said...

If I understand right you are looking for DVD's in a steel box the last one of xman with claw marks . I will have a look and see if they have it price etc.Yep Future shop is stupid but did you know Best Buy is owned by future shop .Let me know if you want me to have a look .I'm in Canada so its no big deal to check on them for you .

Trish said...

I live in Canada, too. If Hazel can't find one, let me know and I'll check around where I live. I'm sure between us we can find it, $300 bucks is crazy....

Connie said...

I must be living in a vacuum--what on earth is a steelbook? I have never heard the term before! At least hubby has something he can enjoy!

Hazel said...

Sorry I checked three Future shops in my area ,no luck .