Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I must be down to two helmets going around my head instead of ten because I've realized my house is a disaster pit, we need groceries, my rose bush that I bought is nearly dead because it didn't get planted and I understand the English language again.  Now I need to remember that just because you feel better doesn't mean you are better.

What I wish I had thought of was to go to Lenscrafters and get a pair of glasses.  Duh.  DH didn't think of that either so my new pair will show up whenever they get here.  I think I picked out a nice pair.  At least I hope I did.

I finally got a look at my helmet.  Yup.  Nice crack all down the foam.  Hopefully you can see it from the picture:

Dang thing was awfully expensive, but worth it in the end.  May she rest in pieces.

BTW, I would LOVE to know how fast I was going before I ate dirt.  I had to be doing at least 10-15 mph on that bike.  My son said it was most awesome thing he'd ever seen me do.   He even said the news vans showed up and talked to him but didn't have their cameras.  I figure since I didn't come out on a board all beat up, I wasn't worth a news story.  I guess they didn't need a "Hey kids wear your brain bucket" news story.  

I forgot to mention that I picked up Geta Grama's book, "Shadow Trapunto Quilts" from a couple of weeks ago.  Worth the purchase and I can't wait to try out her technique.  When I can use scissors without wondering what I'm holding in my hand, I'll be making one her projects.  She's got a wonderful blog that I can't remember the name of right now, but definitely check her out.

Every once in a while I get the desire to write a quilting book.  Then I realize I don't know what to write about and then would anyone even be interested?  I'll put the book idea on my never ending bucket list.


Quiltingranny said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better, heal well my friend!