Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mukluk Pics

I detest pictures of myself, but I'll be brave and will put some up with me riding my Mukluk courtesy of my daughter.  Probably should have put better clothing on as jeans and a shirt aren't the most comfortable way to ride a bike, but it's all good.  My cool helmet was destroyed in my accident so I'm stuck wearing this retarded one.  I do not have a body built for athletics but my Mukluk always brings a smile to my face.  I got her up to 20 miles an hour on my own power today.  Sweet!  Didn't last very long, but it's the first time I've been able to do it.

I was at the park on Saturday resting after failing "Nemesis Hill" again when a couple of guys approached me asking about my bike.  One wanted a ride and I happily let him ride it around.  His buddy wasn't too keen on the idea thinking it would be too hard to ride so he didn't join in.  Guy riding had a blast.  Most people can't get over the idea of how light the bike really is even after riding it.

I've thought about bringing the bike out on my next trip to Swanson Park in Omaha, but I'm still not sure I'm strong enough to get it up the hills.  Gravel roads are one thing, powering up a large bike on steeper hills is another.  Chances are I'll bring hubby's Fuel EX 5 full suspension to see if I like 26 inch tires and a full suspension ride for mountain biking.