Monday, March 04, 2013

LQS Had My Fabric!!!

Woot!  Doc cleared me today as being healthy.  I'm still pretty tired so I'll give myself time to heal.  What a difference modern medication makes to our health.

In honor of feeling better I went over to my LQS and poked around.  They had some gorgeous fabric and had the perfect project in mind, but couldn't afford it all.  Out of curiosity and hope I wandered over to the red fabric section and to my shock they had a bolt of the Turkey Red fabric back in stock!!!

I purchased 4 yards, wrote down the company and the SKU numbers.  If she runs out again, I'll know where to get it.  I've been sick over this quilt with both love/hate but I figure I'll just finish it and not worry about points.  Now to find Kona White fabric as she didn't have it.  Hopefully the other store in town has white.  She usually carries Kona Snow instead of the white.  Fingers crossed.


Lynn said...

Those red and white blocks are beautiful. You should step away to see how nice they look and not worry about the points which look pretty good to me. We all are our worst critics, including me, and most people don't see the things wrong that we see with a quilt. Keep working on it as it will be a stunner!

Judy said...

Congrats on finding the fabric that you wanted! Lovely, lovely blocks. I think they look great and Lynn's right, it's going to be a stunner quilt!