Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paper Instead of Fabric

It's been a while.  Just been doing other stuff with my Cameo.  I'm not done quilting, I just have been feeling "off" with it.

Here's the "Maple Manor" from SVGcuts that I made with my cameo and digital paper.  Absolutely adore the skull paper that I purchased.  Digital paper is great because you can just print it out and then the machine cuts around it.  No waste of paper and you can find what you want, not what the paper manufacturers think you want.  I used white ink to go around the edges to make it look spookier.  Love this file and it was easy to make.  All those shutters were a pain to glue down though.  Totally worth the hard work!

SVGcuts also had a shoe contest and gave us a free download to make a high heeled shoe.  There's something sexy about red heels and have always wanted a pair.  High heels and I don't work well so having one of my own in paper is good enough.  This was a PITA to put together especially the heel part.  I made it work though and it come out really nice.

Last project was working the sketch portion of the Designer Edition Software for the Cameo.  This is a cool feature where you can draw out stuff with their pens if they happen to work that day.  I'm saving up for a pen holder that uses different pens.  This was done with the silver pen doing cross hatches through out the design.  Way cool.

I went to JoAnn's last night and picked up a rotary blade that makes curves for a quilting kit so I haven't given up on quilting.  Good thing it was 40% off because 15 dollars for one stupid blade is stupid ridiculous.

Still cycling but nothing fancy to talk about.