Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fusible Batting

I ADORE fusible batting. I tried it out for the first time on my blue star quilt today and fell in love. I laid the batting out on the floor and then put the top on. Starting in the middle of the quilt I started pressing out toward the edges.  Put your iron on high and keep pressing.  I'm not sure what brand I used but it's used for quilting.  It's either Warm and Natural or a Harriet Hargrave brand.  It's fusible on both sides and it's not the 4.99 craft stuff.  (I actually sit/crawl on my top doing this) It was wonderful to have it all stay in place and not ripple all over. Next I flipped the top/batting over and pressed the backing to the batting. No pinning and the entire quilt stuck together! This is amazing!

Jenny Haskins has a fusible fleece and you can see my use with it if you click on the header as it takes you to the newest posts.  It's much thinner and softer.  

I bought one of those new marking pencils by Bohin. Choked on 12 bucks but having a mechanical chalk pencil is SO worth it. I tested it out on the fabric and it came out. I made a template of the above pattern and traced it onto my quilt. So far so good!

I got out my blue silk thread and started at it. Here's the finished square. I free motioned the entire block and NOTHING shifted or moved!! I'm so excited. Fusible batting rocks!

Here's the picture of the top.


Jen said...

Glad to hear you liked the fusible batting. Your shoulders must be greatful!! Now, the retractable pencil, do you have to do any tricks to wipe it away? Just water? I'm thinking you can be much more accurate with that pencil.

Christine said...

Love your quilt, so pretty!