Friday, July 11, 2008

Embroidering Shirts and Quilt Blocks

Been playing with my embroidery machine and got a design on a shirt. Once I figured it out, it was really easy. I just need help with the placement..LOL. I found a couple of sites that gave specifics on where to place designs on shirts, pants, towels..etc. Next time I will do a better job.

Here's a close up of the shirt:

Here's my daughter wearing the shirt:

I hadn't taken off the water soluble stabilizer yet. It turned out really good.

I've been working on quilt blocks as well. I have the first 6 of 30 designs done.

What I'm not sure is if I have messed up the black fabric. You can tell some of it is lighter even though it's the same. I did check the fabric and the front and back. Hmmm.


Amelia said...

Just create a pattern out of the light and dark...people will think you did it on purpose. After all you are the creator of these blocks so you have the artistic permission to do whatever pleases you.

have a blessed weekend and keep on creating those wonderous block.


PS Daghter is a cutie.