Sunday, August 03, 2008

Minky Fabric And My Husband

If you ever happen to stop in Urie, Uinta County, Wyoming, just off of I-80 you HAVE to stop off and visit "Valley Fabric Shop". The store was fabulous! She had display quilts of everything. We had stopped off in Urie on our way back from Utah because my grandmother was born and raised there. I hadn't expected to find a quilt shop so it was quite a treat.

I dragged DH and the kids around and suddenly hubby points at a display quilt and says, "I want that one". I took a look at it and laughed. Wanna know what he picked out?

I'm not kidding. He wanted a snowman quilt. It's a snowman panel and strips of the coordinating fabric. On the back of the display quilt was purple Minky fabric. Hubby falls in love after he strokes it and wants it as a backing as well. Now..I know Minky is EXPENSIVE and I figured he'd give up after he saw the price. Nope. He didn't choke at the price at all. My jaw dropped as he ordered 2 yards of purple Minky fabric since she was out. I should get it next week some time. I'm in shock now. Pale purple Minky fabric and a snowman quilt kit??!! Wait. It gets better.

Hubby picked out the fabric for the above quilt. I'm NOT kidding. There was a display of this quilt in these colors but she didn't have a kit. He decided he wanted that quilt and I started pulling out greens, browns and creams. He would say whether or not he wanted the fabric. You know..he's picky. He was finally happy with the above selection with a moose fabric border. It's done in flannels and he liked that it was a "manly" quilt.

I've decided he's going to help make those quilts. Even if it's just cutting strips with a rotary cutter. You know, our husbands know more about quilting than they'll ever admit too. It's wonderful that my husband takes such an active role in quilting. He never used to care, but to see him running around a quilt shop picking out fabrics for the above quilt was so incredibly sexy.


Colleen said...

You're so lucky! My husband usually walks in the door, and if I take more than 5 minutes, he waits in the car. I'd love to get his opinion. Keep us updated with his help :)

Gina said...

Mal can be like that. He'll often go to the shop for me and he always comes back with something extra as he liked the fabric.

Love and hugs gina xxx