Monday, July 27, 2009

Janome 350e Test Out

Now that I have my embroidery file cleaned up and can see my icons I finally stitched out a test design on my 350e.

Wow. I forgot how nice this machine is. It's SO quiet compared to my Topaz. Add in the touch screen for ease and I was back in love. At least until the machine finds a way to hate me.

I also have the little hoop for the 35oe which made this design easy for a test. The smallest hoop I have for the Topaz is the 120x120.

The only problems I have encountered with the 350e are that the needle isn't centered to the machine and when the bobbin runs out it pulls on the fabric pulling the design out of alignment. I haven't figured out why and the dealer didn't seem to really care. They are prewound bobbins so maybe I need to wind my own and see what happens. I have a love/hate relationship with Janome machines. Most of the time I just call them "Damn it" during usage. They are beautiful machines but I know they are out to get me in some way or another.


JenniferB said...

I love that cute star! Glad it's working for you -- hope it continues!

Shannon said...

I have this machine also, and I have a problem with random "bubble stitches". I can't decide if its improper tension or the machine trying to drive me crazy... but I do love it!

How did you get your free arm hoop to show on your screen? My icon on my screen is there but its greyed out so you can't press it :(