Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hardanger Doily Done

I haven't had a chance to post in over a week.  I did get my Hardanger doily done today after working on it for two weeks.  

I ordered the delica beads and those things are WAY small.  I couldn't choose one color and bought several.  I loved them all when I put them next to the fabric I was using but settled on the transparent light rose/gold colored ones.  By the way, buy containers to put the beads in and label them.  My sister helped me pick out some as she and my mom do some beadwork.

I am SO glad I bought the DVD on doing Hardanger as well.  It was much easier to do the beadwork as I knew the stitches the directions where talking about.  Plus, when I got stuck a couple of times, I could refer back and watch her do the stitch over and over and over and over..LOL.  

Here's the doily:

From Blogger Pictures
And close-ups of the beadwork.  Click on them to get the detail work of the beads and their color:

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures
Truthfully; the pictures still don't do it justice.  I still can't believe I got those tiny beads on and did the picots and the dove's eye stitches to keep them in place.  

I've enjoyed this so much I ordered a kit to make a table runner.  What was I thinking??  


JenniferB said...

Wow -- that detail work is amazing. I am really impressed! Can't wait to see the table runner.

Gina said...

That is stunning Bethany.

I'm glad you have posted again as I was starting to get worried about you.

Love and hugs Gina xxx