Friday, April 27, 2012


I went over my handlebars yesterday.  I went down a hill, over a dip and realized too late that the trail made a turn.  In a desperate attempt to slow down, I accidentally hit both brakes, flipped over and landed face first.

EMS said if I hadn't of had my helmet, I'd probably be dead due to a fractured skull, head trauma or at least dealing with surgery.  When they did a CT scan, it looked like I had a really small amount of bleeding and they kept me overnight.  They did another CT scan in the morning and everything looked fine.  I just have a concussion, bumps, some bruises and a sore face.  Doc said to keep an eye on my pain and if anything changes, go back to the doc.

Once I realized I was airborne the only thought going through my head was I was going to break my nose and bruise up my face.  Thankfully; despite the hard landing, the dirt was soft so I did a "plop" into the dirt instead of skidding down the trail.

I lost my glasses and a cell phone despite all the looking my son and DH did.

My son was great at calling 911 and guiding the EMS to where we were at.  I'm proud of him for remaining calm and keeping me from trying to get back to the car.  It's funny how even though you know you shouldn't leave the area, your brain just isn't comprehending things.

First thing I'm adding to my pack is a whistle so I can be found faster.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are feeling better. I enjoy reading your blog and think you do beautiful work quilting. I also enjoy your bike stories but not this story! Take it slow and easy.

Pam L. said...

Hope you're doing better today. A friend of mine cracked her helmet when she fell over from a standstill! Thank goodness for helmets. The thing with brain 'injuries' is that because we can't see them like a bruise, we don't want to give them time to heal. Be patient, take the time to rest and give it time to heal.
PS I'm new to your blog. A friend sent me the link to your Horizon review. I just got mine - hope you're loving yours!

Valerie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I see this must be your frustration now, getting back to riding after this. I cannot blame you for your hesitation, and thank goodness you are ok. I think the whistle is a good idea. :)