Thursday, April 12, 2012 actual photo of something quilting related!  I have enough of the block done to show it off.

I have a love/hate relationship with appliqué but I'm hoping the block and the finished quilt will be worth it.


Had to go to Lincoln to get my oil changed and stopped off a different bike store.  They had one of those fancy Garmin GPS computers that everyone raves about.  Sigh.  There isn't any way I could afford that and it seems awfully overpriced anyway.  If my Android phone battery didn't suck, I'd just use that.  

I did get my basic computer up and running on the Mukluk but I don't know how long before it gets knocked out of alignment.  The guys on the Mountain Bike forum make everything seem so easy.  I'm so not mechanically abled and it's frustrating.  Is it a guy thing to just look at something and automatically be able to make it work?

My Fargo cassette is still throwing fits.  Those two stupid cogs and the chain still get caught up but it never does it on the stand, just out on the highway where I can't just stop and look at it.  None of the books I have address anything similar to the problem.  Only thing I can come up with is maybe the cassette itself is loose and it needs special tools to fix it.  With my luck, I'd totally mess up the cassette.

I really wish I could get up to Omaha to ride some trails soon but it looks like it will rain all weekend.  That just means it's good quilting weather then.