Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Bikes, Machines, and Tiles

Better option for Google Reader since Google is being stupid?  Where is everyone heading?

Only sewing/quilting news is that I sold my Janome 350e on Saturday to a bike gang to make patches.  Huge bald guy shows up at my house, I give him a quick overview of the machine and he leaves with it.  Somehow the thought of these tough looking guys learning to work an embroidery machine had me falling over with laughter after he left.

I've done more messing around with my Cameo than with my sewing machine.  The MTC forum has been doing 3-D cards and while I didn't design the piano card, it was cool to cut it out with the Cameo.

I designed this with the Studio software and my hubby LOVES it.  It took a few days to get it right, but it was a lot of fun to make.  It looks a little bare, but hubby liked it that way.  I would love to sell tiles like this for others.  Or the monogram ones as well.  I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.


I went into my LBS on Saturday thinking about buying a 29er wheel set for my Muk after selling my Fargo and embroidery machine.  It would be great to have mountain bike tires for the summer and keep the stock set for the road.  For about 500-600 I could have a summer set.  Ouch..but I knew it would cost that much.

Since I'd sold the Fargo, I wondered if a new or "new to me" bike was really what I needed so I started looking around.   Over in the back corner one caught my eye, a "Jake the Snake" cyclocross bike.  Guy let me take it out and it was bike lust.  Despite what I'd made with both sales, the bike wasn't affordable and need 300 more to buy it.  I put my Cricut and Go! Cutter up for sale on CL and put posts on the local grocery store bulletin board.  I'd sell them via Ebay or even here, but I can't find boxes that work where I live.  If you live in Lincoln, Omaha or surrounding area, happy to sell it to you though.  Also selling my Topaz 30 machine on CL.  Again, I don't have the boxes and I'd need two boxes for the Topaz.  If that sold, I could get whatever bike I wanted..LOL.