Saturday, April 27, 2013

Paper Towels And Paper Roses

After wanting to toss my log cabin back into the closet I realized what my problem has been since I started; having to stop and lay out each block again once I'm done sewing one block.  Duh.  If I could stack a ton of blocks together and go through a pile at a time, it would be so much easier.

I took a paper towel, laid out all the pieces, put another towel on top of it, set up another block, and had a stack going.  It was SO much easier.  The paper towels were great as the fabric stuck to it and it was easy to pull the fabric off.  If you have a block with lots of itty bitty pieces, paper towels are totally awesome for keeping them in place.    

While going through the MTC forum a lady gave a link to an awesome blog that had gorgeous paper roses.  She had done PDFs of them for easy cutting.  The PDF includes the color backing so your rose is the same color on the bottom.  Here's the link "The Elli Blog"

Here's the one I made:  It was SO easy and they come out gorgeous.  You'd never know it was just printer paper.

The Silhouette Store is having a sale of their files for 50 cents.  I fell in love with the bird house and designed this one.  It still needs the perches.  I'll cut those out tomorrow.  It's just so bright and cheery.