Thursday, May 29, 2014

Graphic 45 "Typography" Mini Album

As usual I should stop starting new projects and finish up what I've been working on.  I have stacks of paper all over the floor in an attempt to organize by project.  It doesn't help that watching YouTube inspires me to start new projects or I fall victim to the next paper stack I fall in love with.  This is worse than fabric.  Fabric prices have skyrocketed into 11-12 dollars a yard when I last walked into a quilt shop.  Ouch.

I started my "Typography" mini album last week and almost have it done.  I love this paper from Graphic 45 and it's starting to get harder to find.  Graphic 45's line has hit and miss papers with me and it seems the older stacks are far better than the newer ones.

I got this mini from Ginger over at "My Sister's Scrapper"   and copied it from her.  She used an 8x8 pad and kept the paper at 4 inches which gives you tons of paper to use.  I added some stuff like more pockets and embellished the inside photo papers.

Front Cover:


Inside photo pages: