Friday, April 25, 2014

Dogs, Hills and Bikes

Well, there's nothing like a barking dog running towards you that gets you up a 14% grade hill ASAP on your bike.  Dogs and bikes are not a good combination and it's hard finding a rural road that doesn't have a large dog protecting their home.  I wish I had a safe place to ride.

Last weekend I got a flat tire 7 miles from the car.  The one time I don't have my patch kit is the day this happens.  I called up hubby to let him know I'll be a lot later than I planned due to a flat tire.  When he asked where I was, I told him towards Nebraska City and heading back to Peru.  After I hung up (always have a cell phone when riding) I realized I was 2 miles north of road "R" and he could pick me up.  The Steamboat Trace trail is practically desolate with about 3 intersecting roads along a 25 mile stretch so I got lucky.  I called hubby back up and said he could pick me up and gave him directions.  Thankfully I only had to walk 2 miles.  I'm SO glad it was a Saturday or I would have been stuck walking back the entire way.  Hubby has banned me from riding the trail now so I need to find a route that works closer to home.

I made it 11 miles today so I'm feeling good after healing up from two popped ribs.  I'm wondering if reaching 100 miles this year is out of range and need to settle for something smaller like 50 miles.