Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mariner's Compass Quilt finalization designs

I played some more with my Mariner's Compass quilts today. I'm a little closer to what I want but still not there. It's one of those "I know exactly what I want; I'll know when I see it" things.

I was hoping hubby would take me to a fabric store about an hour away today but he can't. They have funky hours and with hubby sleeping days that makes it so much harder. Epilepsy just sucks.

I've also thought about doing a whole cloth quilt using the mariner's compass. I did figure out that I can print the quilt full size (70x70) on about a zillion sheets of paper. Then I can tape them together and transfer them to freezer paper. From freezer paper to fabric and then machine quilt. I have 25 yards of white fabric. I'd have to do some more quilting to fill in the empty spaces, but it would work. Most whole cloth quilts are all flowery. I like the geometrics of this.


Amelia said...

Have you decided which one for sure you are going to use? I vote for the first one listed.

Gina said...

best of luck if you are going to wholecloth. It'll probably take you a week just to mark up the fabric. You are braver than I am.

love and hugs xxx