Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hardanger Beadwork Project

After checking out the Singer Rotary cutter thingy I went over to the beading section.  I had purchased a magazine that had Hardanger embroidery and found a project I wanted to try.  However; I didn't have the magazine.  I knew it had beads and I thought it said the Swarovski ones.  I couldn't remember the size or what kind.  I just figured I'd wing it.  I don't think these are quite the "real" thing but they were 25% off and if they didn't work, I'd figure out something else.  Plus the more I looked at them, the prettier they got.  They just "called" to me.  I know nothing of beads either.  I picked up some needles and I'll see how it goes.

From Blogger Pictures
I got home and realized I had the wrong beads and way wrong size.  Duh.  Those are way way tiny.  
From Blogger Pictures
They are delica beads. 192 rose colored ones.  Oh well.  I'll just have to be more creative with the inside cutwork with the ones I bought.  The DVD I bought is really great and I may be able to just fake it.  The purple is just way to pretty not to use.

I did an online search of delica beads.  I'm lost.  LOL. 



Jesse Welsh said...

Try They have a great mill hill seed bead collection and these I think can be use interchangably with delica beads. I think delica beads are more cylindrical and better for hardanger. Email them with questions. They are great. I love what beads you picked out. I would have bought them too. Maybe you can use them as embellishments on a all purple biscornu. Yummy. Good luck.

Kari said...

I don't know that much about embroidering with beads. However, I have beaded with friends and we found Fire Mountain Gems to have the best prices online. I've called them for customer support and they were helpful also. Good luck!!

I found you because I'm looking up fusible batting. Do you still use it? Have you continued to be happy with it from your Feb 08 post?