Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabric Choices For The Dahlia Quilt

I started picking out fabric for my dahlia quilt. It's been SO much harder than I thought it would be. I know what I want..it's just finding the fabric. I went through my stash and went "blah". I went to the store and found two magenta colors that I fell in love with. That changed the entire color scheme.

I got out my handy dandy "3-in-1 Color Tool" and looked up Magenta. Hmmm. Complimentary is green. I pull open my drawer. I don't have "Green" I have spring green. I have yellow green. I have blue green. Remember.. I have all my fabric labeled with their color. Nope. Nothing. How can you have a whole drawer full of greens and not have a true "green"?? Sigh.

Plan B. Try some of the "other" options. Analogous. Not enough fabric or it just looks "off". Split Complimentary. Dang. Need that green. It's not that the greens I had didn't work..they just needed something else inbetween.

Yeah. I know. I'm anal. I'm left with triadic. I pull out some turquoise.. wow. That doesn't look too bad. Yellow..don't have true yellow..but this sorta works. Okay. I got a plan now.

After two trips to the fabric store I have this plan:

From Quilted with Love
It needs some more tweaking. I need to take out a green..just couldn't decide which one and add something else to the back. You can see the actual size of the Dahlia in the background. I did make templates. The question is... How accurate are they?

Depression has been really bad. This is the most I've done in two days and I'm not sure I'll get any farther for now.

However; I have been watching movies. When depressed, pop a blu-ray movie in and stare away. What have I watched:

1. Leon. Here in the USA it's called "The Professional". Hubby has the French blu-ray so he could have the international version.
2. The Last Starfighter. Cheesy..but it does look pretty good in High Def
3. Big. Watched the extended edition.
4. Les Visiteurs. French comedy with English subtitles about a knight that comes to 1993 after a wizard sends him there by accident.
5. Hotel For Dogs. Actually pretty good
6. Fanboys. Liked this one.
7. All Pirates of the Caribbean movies

Only 700+ movies to go before I get through the entire collection...


Gina said...

Love your colour choiuces. they look good to me

Love and hugs Gina xxx

moramargaritaster said...

Love the fabrics colors you choice,they are wonderful

Trish said...

The colours look good.
Apollo 13, Bull Durham and Dirty Dancing.... my personal favourites...