Monday, August 08, 2011

I finished my dad's quilt yesterday!  You can see the "pants" like backing and it matches perfectly with the front of the quilt.  I just folded over the backing and it finishes the quilt nicely.  I just did a simple crosshatch design for easy quilting.

My Topaz is okay.  I just broke the bobbin case and purchased a new one.  My mom was funny when she said, "Well, if you had a metal bobbin case, you wouldn't have that problem" (She has a Bernina).

I was at a LQS and came home with this pattern.  They finish out at 6x10.  What was I thinking?

I got bored of cutting after doing a few charm squares.  Each square has a zillion pieces to cut out to make the three quilts.  I'll do some more later.

I did 10 miles on my Madone last Friday.  It's getting easier and what keeps me going is the 30mph rush back home for 5 miles.  If you want to get stronger, buy a mountain bike.  If you want to go fast, buy a street bike.

I had no idea that there is so much more to cycling than ever imagined.  All the things you can do to fiddle with your bike.  Part of me wants to get red tires and red tape to my Madone.  Those tires are 50 bucks each.  I'm toying with the idea of adding drop bars to my Sirrus and putting street tires on my 29er mountain bike.  Too bad you can't customize your sewing machines.

Back to cutting out itty bitty pieces after I feed a starving teenager.  He's grown 2 shoe sizes this summer and isn't stopping.