Saturday, January 19, 2013

Catching Up

Been working on a couple of projects and finally have them done.  I was able to talk with a representative from the KNK company about my Cougar cutter.  She helped me figure out settings to get it cutting right.  Make the Cut software has KNK plug-in which made things SO much easier.  While the Cougar isn't a KNK machine, their parent company, Foison makes both machines.  Customer service at the KNK company is phenomenal and despite being a competitor to the Cougar brand, she was happy to help me out.

Thanks to Amazon's trade-in policy I almost have enough to get a Zing, a KNK machine.  I then plan on selling my Cougar cutter for 750 and shipping.  Even though technically the Cougar is a better machine with higher cutting force, I'd be happier with a Zing.

Here's what I made with the Cougar cutter today:

I designed the tile and after several botched attempts, frustrations and help from Sandy, finally got it cut out.

The box was a file from the MTC forum that a lady had designed.  Cut out perfectly!

I think now that the days are starting to get longer, I'm feeling better.  Hope to be quilting and maybe doing some more biking with my Muk.


Barb said...

Love the block!!