Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Catching Up

I've been off grid for a long time.  Been dealing some depression and anxiety and haven't felt like quilting in ages.

To catch up:

I've been working on my cross stitch.  Who knew you could spend hours and feel like you are getting nowhere with this type of project?

Then I got busy with my vinyl cutter and did these projects:

It wasn't until I was done  and realized the verse wasn't word to word in the scripture, but if you aren't picky it's all good.  My cougar does a fantastic job cutting out all the those pieces when it isn't acting up.   I didn't think about putting the book and verse until a friend pointed it out and cut it out, but it didn't pull off right.

I love how my last name tile worked out so well.  MTC is a great computer program and I'm learning new stuff every time I try something.  What I suck at is drawing via bezier tool and node editing.  That leaves me pulling my hair out.  It's not nearly as bad as learning Inkscape though.

Out of curiosity, would people buy stuff like this?


I got my X9 grips on and they are fantastic.  No more crazy shifting.  It finally snowed and I took my Muk out for the first time.  Wow.  This bike wasn't really meant for mountain biking but she glides over snow.  However; when I'd be shifting, the chain would get caught and come to a dead stop.  Once I took a good look I realized my chain rings were bent.  Probably from my last bike accident.  Long story short, it took almost 2 weeks for the LBS to get the chain rings in so I haven't been riding.  Between the new shifters and the chain rings, the bike rides fantastic though.  

If I had known what to buy and how to install the chain rings, it would be so much easier.

Last year I did 336 miles between both bikes.  Longest ride was 21 miles.

About 3 weeks after my crash on Dec. 1, I went to the doc for some wrist/elbow pain thinking maybe I'd broken or had hairline fractures.  Turns out  when my elbow and hand hit the rocks, the nerves took most of it and they are just now starting to heal up.