Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I need some appliqué help!  While doing my machine top stitching, getting the corners to stay underneath has proved very difficult and pretty much just dealt with it until my LBS had this tool:

Some guy makes them and sells them to her.  I don't know if you can tell where the corners didn't fold..see top right corner.

When I started using the tool to hold the corners in place or lift up the fabric and shove it back in, the one block I've been working on looks perfect.

So..do I just leave the other 3 blocks with little "tags" and use the tool for the rest of the quilt and not worry about it?  Unpicking all those pieces would be a PITA.  Some pieces are more obvious than others.  My red fabric is limited as well.  Not even sure I have enough to do the final border since my LBS has no clue where she got it from.  Or do I find a red fabric just for the outside border that works with the inside?


Nothing.  It's freezing outside and I don't do cold.  Riding on a trainer is boring.  Plus my Fargo's front chain rings are bent, the cassette has two worn out cogs from where I always stay and my rear derailleur might be bent.  It's amazing what you find while riding a trainer.  I'd love to just upgrade the entire components but that would cost a fortune.  It was nearly 90 bucks just for the chain rings on my Muk.  I'd need to do a complete overhaul if I wanted to dump the crappy bar end shifters as well.  Maybe with a tax refund but I doubt it.