Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rose Pedals...

Hubby said I could have roses or pedals for Valentine's Day after showing him the Specialized pedals I wanted at the LBS.  I looked at him and said rose pedals would be great!  He rolled his eyes and said, "Roses OR Pedals".  Oh.  After thinking about it,  I figured roses would be the best choice.  I can get pedals any time.  Maybe he will sneak the pedals in since he knows what I want.  If you want your hubby to get you stuff, show it to him or he'll never get it right.

I've spent the past week looking at bike saddles.  Really they are just modern torture devices for your rear end.  The idea is to get your sit bones measured and somehow that number magically gives you the best saddle size.  So I called up my LBS and had my sit bones measured.  You sit on a squishy seat with lines and find the right lines that match up to the sit bone indentations.  The magic number for me is 155 and then you pick out your saddle against the wall.  If only it was that simple.

Saddles also come in hard, flat, soft, long, short, rounded, curved, racing, recreational, fat, bulky, fake leather, real leather, white, black, ugly, weird looking and finally even down to the truly bizarre looking ones.  Think back to when you first started quilting, walked into a fabric store with a great pattern and then spent hours trying to find the perfect fabric combination for it completely overwhelmed by choice.  Yeah.  I have a few of "those" quilts made as well.

With the 155 magic number I stood against the wall of torture and picked out the Lithia model.  The guy put it on and said to give it a test run.  I went around the parking lot, thought it was great and told him I'd purchase it.  A few days later I'm in agony after doing a couple of 5 mile rides.  It's like cutting out strips of fabric only to realize you've messed up the widths a short time in, but thankfully still salvageable as he said I could exchange out the saddle.

I took the saddle back and asked if I could try something else.  We talked some more and I came home with a Ruby to test out.  Maybe this the one that magically works.  If I can get a working saddle, I can get more mileage in and work up to my century plans.  Yup.  I'm going to do a century this year in August however; if I can't get in more than 5-10 miles w/o saddle pain, I'll never get that far.