Friday, April 25, 2014

Graphic 45 "By The Sea" Mini Album

I ended up putting the "Couture" album away for now.  It's giving me a headache because I'm so picky.  I need to learn to relax.  It doesn't help I hit boredom about 3/4 way through a project.  The joys of no attention span..was that a bird?

The mini album tutorial is from SoMuchScrap.  Check out her Etsy store as she has some amazing mini albums.  The "Couture" album is from her as well.  The tutorials are easy to read and put together.

These are some of the pages I've made.  I don't glue anything down until I know what I want.  There's nothing worse than realizing you did something wrong and can't change it.  I have to order the paper and it's not cheap or easy to find so if you mess up, good luck.  Graphic 45 doesn't make enough paper and it gets frustrating when every online store is sold out.

She used Spellbinders Label 21 to make the edges.  I couldn't find it in any store and Amazon wanted 20-25 dollars.  I hate how much Spellbinders charges for their stuff and 5 dollars per metal die is insane.   Even if you find them on sale, they are still overpriced.  So… I went looking for SVG sets that had a similar design and found one from Bird's Cards that was perfect.  I went back to the Spellbinders site and wrote down the measurements.  I work better in MTC for SVG files as you can put fractions in for sizes.  I then saved it as an SVG file and imported it into Design Space.  I thought MTC has a nesting function but couldn't find it.

Cricut Design Space is still goofy to work with and I forgot it doesn't import anything true to size.  Grrr.  I managed to use the largest design and get it close enough to the original numbers from Spellbinders and scaled it to size.  I used my Explore to cut out the templates.

My only gripe with So Much Scrap's tutorials is that her pages run to the 1/8 size like 7 5/8 and then has you center the die.  Good luck finding 3 11/16 as center point if you OCD as you have to center the Graphic 45 papers as well.  Next time I do one of her albums, I'm using normal numbers that fit nicely.

I can't wait for the rest of my stuff to come as Amazon finally got some more paper in and ordered it.