Friday, March 13, 2015

Graphic 45 "Home Sweet Home" Recipe Book

I finally finished this today!  I love this paper even though it's not "me".  It's bright, cheery and reminds me of my grandmother's kitchen.  I can smell the bread baking and my grandmother singing from this paper.

My grandmother could do anything.  She sang, played piano and organ, danced and made the best out of every situation.  She worked hard all her life but knew how to laugh and have fun.  She let me help make bread, can the vegetables, snap peas out on the porch, and help take care of my grandpa by bringing him sandwiches when he came in from the farm.  I helped her with the laundry outside like the lady on the front cover.  I was scared of the cows especially after my sister was bitten by one.  My grandfather was up early to milk the cows and gone all day so helping with lunch was a treat.  He was a mechanic and farmer and I love the smell of grease even to this day.

I don't know how she kept her house immaculately clean with everyone going in and out all day and always looked like she was ready to go some place nice.  Maybe because she didn't have all the distractions of today's life style.  She wasn't perfect.  She yelled at my brother for breaking her organ bench and the ugly lamp he broke with it and she was hopping mad. My grandpa said he was glad he did as he detested that lamp and wished he could have broken it first.  It was pretty ugly, but she loved it.

The book was done with Ginger's tutorial over at "My Sisters Scrapper" YouTube channel on her Christmas album.  The recipe cards are my own design off of Silhouette Design Studio software.  I searched for vintage looking cards but nothing came up that I loved.   Graphic 45 does have Ephemera cards with recipes in a package when I asked if they had recipe cards.

I used two paper pads do make this album and have some left over.

The cover:

Page 1:

   I put my mom's "No Bake Cookie" recipe in so I wouldn't lose it.  I accidentally tossed it and couldn't find the same one on the internet.  Most of them had peanut butter included and this doesn't.  When I asked where she got it, she said she'd had the recipe since high school.  It belongs in this book for sure then.

Page 2:
I added recipe cards in the first pocket and then on the large page.  I haven't figured out how to keep the card in and if I glued it down, you couldn't take it out.  I'll figure this one out.  Had I thought about it, I would have done the same thing with the front and back page.

Page 3:

Page 4:

Page 5:

Back of book: