Friday, March 13, 2015

Wobbly Wheels

I did a 7.7 mile ride the other day and noticed my front tire was wobbling back and forth.  Not a good thing when you are going 26 mph down a hill.  I love going fast down hills but my handling skills are the worst and I figure crashing at 26 mph would NOT be cool.  I don't need another 7 week concussion and then add road rash on top of it.  I got her home and she needs her tension spokes adjusted.  I don't have the tool to do it and she'll get taken in next week.

I wasn't sick this ride and my energy wasn't drained even as the day went by.  The thyroid medication has been amazing and this is the best I've felt in years.  I still ended up with a splitting headache in the middle of the night, but it was a great ride.  The day was gorgeous, wind was perfect and the ride smooth.  I'm really hoping I can do the Heatstroke 100 in August.  I won't make 100 miles but I'm shooting for the 30 mile trip.

Still wishing for a mountain bike but it's not going to happen.   The one thing I've learned is not to ride a bike you can't afford.  Bikes are overpriced anyway, but a 2000 dollar bike is so much better than an 800 dollar one.  I can't afford an 800 dollar one so I can't worry about that either.  I'd love a Specialized Rockhopper, Crave or the women's Jett.  Maybe once the kids are out of school I can start saving.  I need to stay off of CL as well.