Thursday, March 19, 2015

Steam-A-Seam Lite? Love It Or Hate It? *Edited*

I went to my LQS to get some fusible webbing for the "My Tweets" quilt I started several years ago and came home with Steam-A-Seam Lite.  I rolled it out expecting paper to draw on and got wax paper instead.  Huh?  You can't draw on wax paper.  On the other side where the fusible webbing is, there are paper instructions.  You have to pull off this paper and draw on the fusible.  I should have taken it back right then but my son took off with the car.

Pulling off the paper side lifts your fusible webbing. You cannot use a pencil with this fusible.  You cannot use a regular pen with this fusible.  I had to use a  Sharpie pen.  What do you do if you are using white or light colored fabric?  Since you are going over webbing, my accuracy was off and if I drew into the space, I had to start over.  Trying to do small pieces would be a nightmare.

Once you've traced the pattern onto the fusible, you turn it over and put it on the fabric and press it.  I get the wax paper usage now.  However; I now have marker lines on my fabric when I cut off the paper.  It's a good thing I'm satin stitching or I'd be really upset.

The upside to this fusible webbing is that it works.  I pressed the pieces down onto my block and didn't have issues.  It is light and pliable and it made satin stitching so much easier.

Would I buy it again?  Probably not.  I don't want to trace using a marker and if it bleeds into the fabric,  it's ruined.

Anyone else used this product?  Any tips that would make me use it again?  I have 3 yards left and I have no desire to trace several hundred leaves with a marker and then hope it doesn't mess with light green fabric.

*Duh*.  Call the company and ask about how to use the product.  The lady was really sweet and explained that I had an older version that didn't sell well because of the tracing problem and they had come out with a new version.

I'll keep it for now since I hate tossing stuff and might find a use for it later.