Sunday, September 07, 2008

Embroidering On Jeans

I got this beautiful set of embroidery designs called "Simply Sublime" from "Reases Realist Designs" from the OregonPatchWorks site and did a pair of jeans with them.

I haven't taken off the water soluble stabilizer yet as I'm still figuring out to finish the jeans. I'm lost on that. I thought of these options:

1. Add extra flowers scattered randomly up the leg.
2. Go around the pockets..but I'd have to cut up part of the inside pocket seam.
3. From the top of the other leg go down with the flowers. However; that means ripping the seam all the way up.
4. Leave it as it is since I'm too tired to deal with it. LOL. I'm not used to having embroidered jeans for myself so I want to keep it adult like and not overload.

Here's a close up of the flowers:

My girls adore the patterns and want me to do their jeans as well. I love sticky back stabilizer as you just lay the jeans on top, add the water soluble stabilizer and go.


JuJu said...

Bethany, discovered your blog earlier this week, I too live in NE, use a Janome 350e. I think your jeans look great just as they are! good job!

Gina said...

I agree. Leave them as they are. Any thing more would be a bit over the top I think.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Jen said...

I say leave them. If you add more it could very quickly go down the slippery slope of "omg who let her out of the house like that?" I'm just picturing the crazy amount of Bedazzling that some grandmas do that makes us all inwardly cringe. You're too young to have people cringing! =) They look great!!

KyQuiltlady said...

The jeans look great! I have a Janome MC9700 Embroidery machine and love it. Good to find your blog.