Monday, September 15, 2008

I Got Embird!

I bought Embird over the weekend for my embroidery needs. It's like EQ6. Janome's Customizer is overpriced (299) and under featured. However; if you want to use the Giga Hoop, you have to have it. Sewing machine manufacturers really know how to soak every penny out of us.

What I've really needed is a way to line up my design in the hoop so that I can do it 4 times. The Giga hoop is too small to put a 4.5 inch size design in. Customizer just prints out templates not placement. Customizer better utilizes the Giga hoop then Embird so Customizer isn't a waste.

Here's what I've done for doing my quilt block. I'm no expert by any means but it has worked for me. Embird lets you set your design anywhere and gives you X/Y coordinates. I set my design at -.50x1.5 inches so that it fits directly in the corner. The rest of the design is white so you can't see it. The next template I made I used brown.
From Blogger Pictures

I marked the center of the design and the center lines of the hoop. I also marked the edge of the design so I know where to place it on the fabric. That really helped with accuracy big time.

I cut out a 12x12 square of fabric and marked the center lines. I like even numbers..LOL.

1. Using the marked lines of the template I lined them up with the marked lines of the fabric. The marked line at the bottom of the design is used. NOT the hoop center line.

2. I marked the center of the design in all 4 squares. Next I marked the center lines of the template for use of the center marks of the hoop.

3. Using the center lines I hoop the fabric and then move the needle over to the center cross hairs and stitch out the design. I did this with all 4 sides of the fabric. It works! Here it is:

From Blogger Pictures

I made this picture larger so you can see the center of the design marks and then the hoop line marks. It's not completely perfect as I tried out the plastic template that came with my hoop. It's not lined right as I discovered. Just use the marks that come with hoop.

My next set of templates have the white design as dark:

From Blogger Pictures

I haven't darkened the lines yet.

I have also been working on these:

From Blogger Pictures
They are part of a set of 9 blocks that have wonderful sayings about family. I plan to make them into a quilted wall hanging. I put batting underneath the fabric and will add the backing later.


JenniferB said...

I love the quilt blocks -- so nice and now I've got the itch to make things for Christmas!

Gina said...

Love the embroideries

Love andhugs Gina xxx

Koningskind said...

Embird is so good to have for digitising.
I love the quiltblocks!

Becky said...

Have you checked out ? Lots of tips on using Embird. I have found it very helpful reading.

Lynn E said...

Lovely , which machine do you have?
I purchased mine 2 years ago and have yet to reach its full potential.