Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beep! ,,,Beep!...Beep!...

What a day. Hubby said the computer was making a beeping noise and I took a look at it. Every minute it was beeping. My first thought was my hard drive is dying. I went through everything trying to find out where it was coming from.

I called my dad and asked him. He said to restart the computer and see if it still beeped. If it still beeped put it in safe mode. It beeped in both. Sigh. My computer is cursed. I know it. Finally in frustration after a couple of hours I shut the dang thing off. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Great! I have a ghost of a computer now. Then it hit me. Something else is beeping not the computer. I look up and realize my TracFone is beeping to remind someone to charge it. I still have that stupid nonworking thing?? Sigh. I've spent all morning trying to figure out my computer and it's my TracFone.

I have been working on things. I have my snowman panel quilt done for my hubby. Minkee fabric backing included as well. I even bound it folding over the minkee. Here it is:
From Blogger Pictures

And the Minkee backing:
From Blogger Pictures

I've also done some lace on my Janome 350e.
From Blogger Pictures

My machine has eaten a couple of them. Nothing like 80 minutes gone down the drain. Sigh.


jillquilts said...

those lacy pieces look cool!

Gina said...

Love the quilt and the lace is gorgeous

Love and hugs gina xxx

Jennifer said...

Love your snowman panel, and how brave of you to put Minkee on the back - it looks really good and I bet it is super cozy!

Trish said...

Ha ha ha .... I'm laughing with you... the computer thing sounds so much like something I would do...
The quilt is really nice. And it sounds so cozy with the Minkee back!

Rhonda said...

Beep! LOL.........great job on the lacy and I love the quilt. Minkee is a wonderful fabric.