Monday, October 20, 2008

"Main Motor Overload"

My Sapphire is an interesting machine..LOL. I was trying to do binding and it kept acting up and making a horrible noise. All of a sudden it said "Main Motor Overload" and stopped. I hate binding quilts.

My dealer said you didn't really need a walking foot because of the electronic sensor system. When I bought the machine, the owner threw in a walking foot to sweeten the deal as I wanted one. I put the walking foot on and it got all caught up again. Sigh. I really do hate binding.

Then I remembered I have the "Sewing Adviser" system which I really have no clue how to use. I get the idea but never really thought it was needed. I took a look at the adviser and put it on "stretch heavy" since I'm working with Minkee fabric. I started the machine it worked with ease the rest of the way. The walking foot is so wonderful! Guess that sewing adviser thingy really does work..LOL.

I did give up with FMQ on the Sapphire for today. I didn't feel like spending an hour quilting something I knew my 6600 could do in a few minutes. The Sapphire does a great job of FMQ. It just works differently than the 6600 and I haven't adjusted to it yet.

My camera batteries died so I don't have a pic to show of my finished quilt.