Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Husband The Fabric Snob

I opened up comments again just to let people know.

My husband is a fabric snob. I didn't think he was one until today. He's never showed any interest in fabric, just picking out the patterns that he wants me to do.

We were in Hancock Fabrics to get some water soluble stabilizer for my embroidery project and they were having a huge sale on fabric. I realized that they had flannel and fleece on sale and asked him if he wanted some for backing on his other quilt. He starts looking through the bolts and feeling the fabric. Most of it is baby flannel, but he's rummaging around through the fleece and the fake Minky fabric. He finally looks up at me and says, "I don't like any of it. This is just junk and feels awful. I want you to order the flannel fabric that you made with my quilt. It's better quality and I like it." Then he gives me the puppy dog stare. It's his No need for the puppy dog stare.

I figure while we're here I'll get a 60 mm rotary cutter. I know they aren't cheap and I find the one with the ergonomic handle. I look at the price..Geesh. I finally find the basic one and hubby looks at it and said, "You can't have that one." Huh?? "It doesn't have the red button like your other one has and locks. Get the one with the red button." He's noticed there's a red safety button on my 45 mm one??

Ohh..the Hancock Fabrics I was at has a Bernina dealer in it. Hubby was looking at the special edition Bernina machine that's hand painted. It's really cool but I don't need one and figure the paint will chip and come off eventually. The lady proudly says it was hand painted in Italy. He looks at her at says, " it's hand painted by little Italian street urchins? They sure want a lot for it." The lady looks at him, jaw dropped, and doesn't have anything to say. I'm thinking "Oh crap. She's gonna be so upset at him." Instead she bursts out laughing. If I had said that, I'd have gotten the death stare.

There's a small part of me that says if I can make it one more month seizure free I can do this all by myself, but then it wouldn't be nearly as fun without him. Easier, but not fun. Even if I can legally drive, I'm not sure I want to drive up to Lincoln or Omaha by myself. Even though I've been seizure free, I still have it and there's always that risk.