Sunday, October 04, 2009

Getting My Dahlia Quilt Sewn Up

I haven't disappeared. I'm just terrible at hand piecing and I've been watching too many movies like Gremlins, Wizard of Oz, and The Dark Crystal. I have a stack of movies still needing to be watched and Tuesday is new release day for Snow White.. Oops..this my quilting blog..LOL.
I've gotten this much hand pieced. My points meet, but they have small holes. I may have to take my sewing machine and do a quick stitch over them for stabilization. Even stitches are not my forte.

I still haven't figured out a center and background. When I get closer to finishing the circle, I'll try out some more fabrics. I haven't pressed anything because it's all on the bias. I've tried not to fiddle with it too much for the same reason.

DH asked what I wanted for my birthday today, but he said I couldn't have a kitty. I told him I'll figure out something in the next few days and get back to him. Probably background fabric for this quilt.


JenniferB said...

Happy Birthday!