Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm torn on a couple of projects.  With the "My Tweets" the satin stitching is driving me crazy and the yellow fabric needs taken out to add an extra layer so the green fabrics don't show through.  I know myself that I probably won't get around to hand applique and I hate unfinished edges.  Invisible applique looks awful when I do it.

I did make sure I had all the patterns in my book today as I realized that I hadn't printed blocks 4, 5 and 6.

I also got out my "Hearts Desire" book and updated patterns.  This is another quilt that I'm stuck on for fabric colors.  Nothing seems right.  I bought blues and some golds, but it looks awful when I put things together.  This one is tons more complicated to hand applique.  It's not that I can't do it, I just lose interest.

A couple of options are these:

1.  Make wholecloth quilts with them in some way.  Add in trupunto to add texture.
2.  Outline with hand embroidery like in redwork or blackwork patterns.
3.  Suck it up with the satin stitching, fix the "My Tweets" issues and finish up the blocks.
4.  Errr..No way on number 3..
5.  Be a coward and put them away for now.

Any other ideas?


Linda said...

Have you ever turned the edges on your applique and then machine appliqued so that the edges aren't raw? I use a freezer paper on top method along with a glue stick to turn my edges (very quick!). (I have a tutorial somewhere on my blog that shows it in detail. You could use my search feature if you're interested.)

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