Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sentimental Quilts

I made it home last night safe and sound.  Going to Ohio is one long day trip.  My sister wanted my mom's industrial sewing machine and wanted me to help drive.

While there, my mom asked if I could fix this quilt:

My mom said that my grandmother made it for my dad when he was a teenager and he's kept it ever since.  My dad is 61 so it's at least 40-47 years old.  It looks like it's made of heavy fabric for suits/pants. I love it.  When I talked to my mom a few minutes ago she said it was probably from clothing that was too small.  My grandma had several boys so it would make sense to cut up their pants for this quilt.  It makes me giggle thinking my dad's pants are in here.

I vaguely remember this quilt as it was on my bed once when very little, probably about 5.  It was tied with red yarn.  

I love the colors and the different patterns of each fabric:

And I came home with this little addition:

Bandit is NOT happy and has expressed this quite vocally.   She's been an outside cat at my mom's with her siblings and can hold her own as she's got some feral cat traits.  She can hiss and growl just as good as he does.  Sunday she adjusted to being held and that night went inside for the first time.  She's now an attention hog and loves playing.  Now to find a name for her.  My DH said "Smokey" is NOT an option.   


Rhonda said...

LOL with the kitty story. As for your dad's quilt... what a wonderful piece of work..... I imagine that he can pick out some of the old clothes he and his siblings wore. Really neat!!

Linda said...

Quilts with memories are the BEST!
Good luck with the little kitty! She will adjust, I'm sure.

Quiltingranny said...

We have a feral kitty and boy can she figure ways to get outside if you aren't careful. For the most part she is just a noisy love bug. How about Gypsy?
Love the quilt, I have one that belonged to my stepdad...his grandmother made it over 70 years ago but I am terrified to try to fix it!